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    Multitasking On Zoom Is Crushing Your Productivity

    Multitasking On Zoom Is Crushing Your Productivity

    After more than six months of working remotely, executives and employees are grappling with “Zoom Fatigue”.

    Some complain these virtual meetings lack true creative collaboration while others say that the element of “being on” during video meetings is exhausting.

    Dave Crenshaw, ‘Master of Building Productive Leaders’, renowned speaker, and author of the forthcoming book, The Myth of Multitasking: How “Doing It All” Gets Nothing Done (Mango Publishing-2nd Edition. Available January 19, 2021) offers expert insight into how employees and companies can execute collaborative and effective video meetings by curbing the pull to multitask and harnessing your attention.

    In this compelling business fable based on real-world examples, The Myth of Multitasking proves that multitasking hurts your focus and productivity. Instead, learn how to be more effective by doing one thing at a time. Dave can provide a solution for the chaos of distraction that multitasking creates when video conferencing―and a way to combat the temptation to constantly switch between tasks to better focus, move forward and free up more time for what you value the most.

    Multitasking During Calls Is Making Our Zoom Meetings A Drag

    When you don’t pay attention, you miss important information, and when you miss important information, you need to take the time to either ask the presenter to go back or follow-up after the call.  Either way, you’re wasting both your time and everyone else’s.

    Meeting Leaders Need to Make Meetings More Interesting So People Are Less Likely to Multitask

    By keeping participants engaged, you reduce the chance of people feeling like the information doesn’t pertain to them and thus reducing the level of people only half focusing. Have an agenda for every meeting. Only invite people who absolutely need to be on the call.

    Meeting Attendees Can Reduce the Temptation to Multitask By Reducing External Distractions

    Close non-essential windows so they’re not a constant reminder of what is on your to-do list.  Use only one note-taking app or tool. Come prepared by having a bullet point list of questions. Set expectations with family and roommates of when you won’t be available. Make subtle adjustments to your workspace that make it easier to maintain focus.

    Dave Crenshaw develops productive leaders in Fortune 500 companies, universities, and organizations of every size. He has appeared in Time Magazine, USA Today, FastCompany, and the BBC News. His courses on LinkedIn Learning have been viewed tens of millions of times.

    His five books have been published in eight languages, the most popular of which is The Myth of Multitasking — a time management bestseller. As an author, speaker, and online instructor, Dave has transformed the lives and careers of hundreds of thousands around the world.

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