Promoting Healthy And Social Video Game Play During A Pandemic

    To help kids maintain balance, Wake Forest University Department of Communication Associate Chair Marina Krcmar, PhD, recommends setting clear time limits, suggesting an hour or two daily maximum for younger kids.

    “Playing video games right before bed is known to cause sleep disturbances,” she adds, “so be sure all screens are off at least 30 minutes before lights out.”

    These disturbances are due to the blue light given off by the screens, which inhibits the production of a key sleep hormone, melatonin. Alongside this, too much screen time and blue light exposure can cause eye strain in young children. You can get more info on this online, but it’s directly linked to ongoing eyesight issues.

    As children get older, Krcmar suggests, parents should collaborate with kids to establish boundaries, with the aim of eventually teaching children to monitor themselves.

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      Promoting Healthy An…

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