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    Revive Your Business During Covid-19 While Preparing For The Future

    Revive Your Business During Covid-19 While Preparing For The Future

    As the COVID pandemic continues to wreak havoc on world economies, the lack of face to face customer contact is destroying small business revenue generators such as yoga lessons, gym classes, and technical training sessions.

    As a direct result, tens of thousands of small businesses have been forced to shut their doors permanently.

    Servv, a Toronto based start-up, has developed a revolutionary new application that will allow small to medium enterprises to easily re-engage their customers in digital face to face communication to help revive their business during COVID-19 and prepare for the post-COVID-19 world.

    Servv provides a one-click easy-to-use integration of two widely deployed platforms, Shopify and Zoom. Shopify supports over one million businesses worldwide and Zoom is taking the world by storm. With this easy-to-use integration, business owners can post upcoming training sessions online allowing customers to easily sign up and pay.

    The billing is processed through Shopify and email notifications are sent to customers confirming the enrollment. The video sessions can even be recorded and offered online at a later date to add incremental revenue with no incremental cost.

    Harmeek Jhutty, founder and CEO of Servv notes…

    “We are already experiencing more downloads from the Shopify App Store than we had originally planned, so the application is being well received. We are currently working with three potential lead customers to establish our Customer Advisory Council and plan to have a total of 5 lead customers shortly.

    While we are not the only game in town, we believe that we are by far the easiest to use and our one-click integration is drawing quite a bit of attention. Our customers are taking an innovative approach to rebuilding their business using Servv rather than letting COVID-19 destroy the business that they have worked so hard to build.”

    As John Stackhouse, Senior Vice President at the Royal Bank of Canada notes, “we’re emerging from this crisis with an even greater desire to harness smart technologies to transform pretty much everything we do. COVID did not crush the future. It merely brought it forward. People will want more options to engage with art, music, and culture online after COVID.”

    Downloads of Servv are currently available for no charge trials on the company website.


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