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    Setting Up A Home Theater Isn’t Easy: Check Out These Tips For Help

    Setting Up A Home Theater Isn’t Easy: Check Out These Tips For Help

     Staying at home has become so important these days because of the pandemic. Because of that, many families have also become more enthusiastic about setting up their own theaters at home.

    Through this, families are able to improve their movie and gaming experience, and even get to bond with their loved ones with fewer chances of contracting COVID-19. However, for you to be able to experience the best benefits of having a home theater, it should be set up properly first.

    If you’re planning to install a home theater. Here are some tips to help you.

    Have a List of Things You Need

    When building your own theater, it’s always a must to have a list of things that you will need. This will help you set it up faster, saving more time.

    Additionally, it will prevent you from running back and forth to your local hardware, which can be tiring. It will also help you plan your budget over time as it will allow you to see what else you will need to spend your money on.

    One of the important things you shouldn’t forget on your list, needless to say, is a TV that will allow you to play movies or games. Or, if you’re on a budget, you can also use a projector. Speakers are also a must. Sure, TVs come with a built-in speaker. But, for better sound and movie experience, you should also invest in separate speakers, such as left and right speakers, as well as left and right surround speakers. You will need a good seat too.

    If budget is not a problem, go for recliner seats with tray tables or cup holders for your snacks and drinks. Remote, multi-channel AV receiver and HDMI cables should also be included on your list.

    Fix Your Cords

    Wires can sometimes affect a room’s aesthetics. It can make it look cluttered and they’re just not good to look at if they’re not organized. They can even trip you and cause accidents. Thus, as you set up your home theater, you shouldn’t forget to fix your cords too. This way, your home theater will always look pleasing to the eyes and organized.

    There are many ways to manage your cords. One of them is by using toilet paper rolls. This will keep them untangled. Plus, it’s good for the environment as you’re recycling them. You can also use bread ties, especially on smaller cords to keep them in place. Aside from that, you can use it to label your cords, so it’s easier to plug them and will help you set up for your movie night faster.

    Inspect Your Devices

    Your devices are certainly needed when setting up a home theater. Thus, it’s vital to check if your soundbar isn’t working well or your TV’s picture seems a bit different than before. If you check it often, you can easily see if there’s a problem and have it repaired by a pro as soon as possible so things will not worsen if it’s damaged.

    Add Speakers

    Speaking of speakers, don’t just rely on your TV’s built-in speakers as they sound a lot different. For a better sound and movie experience, you should also invest in quality left and right speakers, as well as surround speakers. It may sound a bit extra and may also cost you more but this will help you achieve the sound of a real theater.

    Know the Right Placements

    Where your devices sit also matters when setting up a home theater. Where you place them can affect your experience when watching and playing games. Thus, don’t just place them anywhere in a room just because you feel like it or it’s merely good for the eyes.

    The rule of thumb is to place your TV in between your speakers and, of course, in front of your seat. If you’re using a projector, basically, it should sit behind your seat and the image should be projected in front of you. But that’s just the basics. For a better experience, it’s a must that you ensure that your speakers are at the same distance from your listening position.

    Additionally, they should be between 45 and 60-angle from your listening position and should be near your ear level while you’re sitting.

    Soundproof Your Room

    External sounds can affect your movie or gaming experience. Aside from the fact that it could distract you, hindering you to understand what’s going on in the movie, it could also stop you from enjoying the time you spend in your theater room.

    For that reason, don’t forget to soundproof your room too. One of the sure ways to keep external sounds away is to put up soundproofing panels. It will also deaden the echo in your room, especially if it’s your basement. You can also add drapes to stop the sound from reverberating through your room. It will also help you see the movie better as it will help block the light coming outside your window.

    Another good way to absorb sound in your home theater is by carpeting. But for this, a thick Berber with padding underneath is more ideal. Rugs can also absorb sound.


    The lighting in your room needs some attention too. Because, apparently, it could reflect on your TV monitor and wash out your projector. While both can still work with lights on, your experience will be greatly affected. That said, make sure to use the right lighting.

    For home theaters, ambient lighting is best. This way, the light will not reflect on your monitor but will still be able to provide you with lighting so you can see where you’re going. You can use mounted fixtures as floor lighting may easily break when you accidentally trip when it’s dark, especially if they’re not remote-controlled.

    A home theater is one of the best additions you can make to your home, especially these days. It’s a safer option for entertainment plus it allows you to bond and relax with your loved ones. So, why not set up one now?

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