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    Sprout Foods Introduces Amazon Alexa Skill for Feeding

    Sprout Foods Introduces Amazon Alexa Skill for Feeding

    Sprout Foods, the largest independent infant nutrition company, today announced the launch of “Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout,” an Amazon Alexa skill that helps parents make eating healthy foods more fun for their kids.

    Thanks to Sprout’s new Amazon audio skill, parents can now ask for songs and sounds that help make mealtime engaging and exciting for babies and toddlers, without the use of screens on smartphones and tablets.

    The skill, which works with Amazon’s Echo and Dot, features three different modes, each designed to support parents’ efforts to get their children to eat healthy foods and to occupy kids during mealtime with fun, food-centric edutainment. Parents and children simply open the skill by asking Alexa to launch Sophie Sprout, then choose from three different options:

    • Songs offers nine, upbeat, kid-friendly songs, each featuring a different musical style and healthy food focus. Play songs about fruits and vegetables, like Blueberries or Butternut Squash, or the Color Song that teaches children about vibrant foods, like yellow bananas and green peas.
    • Mealtime Adventures features fun sound effects, including the traditional train and flying airplane, to get food from the spoon to your little one’s mouth.
    • Eat a Pouch with Sophie encourages children to take sips of their Sprout organic food pouches.

    The “Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout” skill supports Sprout’s commitment of delivering healthy, organic foods to families across the United States, and to educating parents on the nutritious food options they can introduce into their baby’s diet. With over 50 SKUs in its current portfolio, Sprout is the only brand that has pledged to formulate its baby and toddler puree products with only certified organic, non-GMO whole foods, no concentrates, preservatives, fillers or thickeners. And unlike other baby food brands that use added chemical fortification in their purees, Sprout delivers nutrition only from the organic food source, and never uses any additives or anything artificial. 

    Sprout, the fastest growing organic baby food brand in the U.S., is recognized as leading the plant-powered movement in infant nutrition, with the largest assortment of vegetable-leading purees and snacks. Sprout’s new Amazon Alexa skill, narrated by Sophie, a friendly talking plant, helps introduce children to healthy plant-based foods and encourages them to eat their vegetables and beans.

    According to Amazon, audio skills for kids are the fastest growing category of skills for its voice assistant Alexa. The retail giant currently offers hundreds of kid-targeted voice skills in the United States and recently hosted a contest for children’s skill developers. Sprout’s Sophie Sprout skill capitalizes on this trend while providing invaluable support to parents looking to instill healthy eating habits early on. 

    The Eat & Sing with Sophie Sprout Alexa skill is free to all users and requires no registration.  

    About Sprout Foods

    Sprout® provides premium organic foods and snacks for babies and toddlers that help parents raise healthy, adventurous eaters. With a broad range of choices including only USDA certified organic, non-GMO ingredients and a mix of whole fruits, vegetables, and grains, Sprout’s products are designed to expand baby’s palate beyond sweet and establish a love of nutritious foods early on. Founded in 2008, the independent company is at the forefront of innovation in organic infant nutrition and is committed to re-imagining healthy eating for modern families.

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