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    What To Know About Setting Up A New TV

    What To Know About Setting Up A New TV

    In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many department stores were forced into closure, and those that stayed open only did so by way of extreme price reductions and sales.

    Many people, during this unprecedented period of sales, managed to score new televisions at heavily discounted prices. Unfortunately for some of those people, they have absolutely no clue whatsoever how to set up their new television set.

    This page will tell you what you need to know about setting up your new television set. You must be sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, also, lest your set becomes broken and unusable.

    The manufacturer’s guidelines may be the best advice that you can follow. If your television does not have any instructions, however, then continue reading here and adhere to the points made in this guide strictly.

    Cut the Cord

    When you are setting up your television, you have two options: cut the cord, or go wired. Many people around the world are choosing the former over the latter and are refusing to pay astronomical television fees for subpar television when they can get superior television on streaming services or on basic television.

    The TV professionals from say that when you are cutting the cord, you are still entitled to record your television shows. This means, when you are setting up your television, be sure to have recording devices, such as USB sticks or external hard-drives ready.

    If you are going cordless, you will not be able to record television directly onto the television, and rather, you will need to use external memory banks to record your television. This can give you the freedom and mean you are no longer tied to the constraints of high television licensing bills, nor will you have to rent a cable from your cable supplier.


    When you are setting up a new television, be sure to keep up to date with all of the changing cables. For many of the older generation, new cables can be very confusing. You must do your research and ensure you have all of the appropriate wiring and cables necessary to use your television and to connect it to external sources like games consoles and DVD players. Oftentimes, televisions run off of HDMI cables, as opposed to RCA cables and VGA cables, which are more antiquated and less likely to be supported on televisions.

    If you are intending on using external devices in combination with your television, then you must be sure you have the appropriate wiring, otherwise, you may not be able to use them, and with the current global situation, you may have a hard time finding stores open to sell them. You can often pick these wires up from the same supplier that you have sourced your television.

    Cables are essential components in using your television, and you will not be able to use your television without them. Thankfully, most televisions will come with their own supported cables, meaning you may not have to source them depending on where you got the television.


    If you have, in addition to your television, purchased a Blu-ray or a 4K Ultra player, they will automatically detect the quality your television wants, and send that. This means you must be sure of the quality of your television before purchasing additional boxes, as if your television cannot run the quality, it will be money wasted. Make sure you thoroughly research the quality of your television before buying unnecessarily fancy accessories, lest it turns out to be a massive waste of your money.


    Once you have plugged everything into your television, maneuver to the settings function, and begin adjusting it to your personal taste. There are many settings that you can choose from, and especially on new televisions, ones you may not have had the option to use previously.

    You must ensure that you alter the settings specifically to how you want them so that you can watch your new television set comfortably and to your specifications. If you have poor eyes, for example, you may want to turn the brightness up, and if you have sensitive eyes, turn it down. You can adjust the sound, ratio, and other settings, too.


    The last thing you should do is set up your aerial. Plug it in and start watching. By using an aerial, you will bypass expensive satellite television fees, and watch your television for free from all of the mainstream networks.

    Now you know how to set up your television. Setting up a television can be a lot of fun, and that first program can be awesome. Make sure that you set it up properly and are very careful when transporting your television from the store to your home.

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