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    What To Know About Answering A Call From An Unknown Number

    What To Know About Answering A Call From An Unknown Number

    Almost everyone will get a call from an unknown number at some point, but not everyone knows how to deal with the situation correctly.

    If you’ve found yourself wondering whether or not to pick up the phone when an unknown number appears on the screen, then this blog can help you make the right decision.

    While there’s no one right answer in this situation, there are a number of things you need to consider before picking up the phone.

    Identifying the caller

    Ideally, rather than answering when an unknown number calls, you need to ask the question: is this number real? The number might appear legitimate, but scammers can disguise their numbers to look the same as ones from trusted companies, such as Sky. It’s best to let the caller stop ringing, find out who the number supposedly belongs to, and then ring back. When ringing back, remember to type in the number from the website of the company you think was calling rather than hitting redial. Simply redialling could put you in touch with fraudsters if they were the ones contacting you originally.

    Activate voicemail

    Because answering calls from unknown numbers can have disastrous consequences, it’s a good idea to activate voicemail. This way, if you are expecting a call from someone like the doctor’s or a recruitment agent, they can let you know why they called. While fraudsters might also leave voice messages for you, you’ll be in a better position to investigate the issue and can decide whether the caller is legitimate or not in your own time.

    Don’t give away personal details

    If you have answered a call from an unknown number, remember that there’s no way of knowing who is on the other end. As a result, you should never give away any personal information, especially passwords and bank details. If a voice on the other end asks you to press numbers, hang up straight away. Equally, if you hear nothing but silence, put down the phone, as the longer you stay on the more likely you are to be charged at a premium rate.

    Block suspicious numbers

    Not only should you avoid answering calls from unknown numbers, but you should also go one step further and block numbers that have been bothering you. This way, you’re less likely to have more calls in the future and you won’t accidentally answer the phone to them again. It’s a good idea to block numbers that have shown themselves to be spam rather than just any unknown number that rings, otherwise you could end up blocking genuine people who need to get through to you.

    So, should you answer calls from unknown numbers?

    As a general rule, try to avoid answering calls from unknown numbers. If you’re expecting a call, ask the person who’s meant to be ringing for their number so you can save it. This isn’t always possible, so make sure you leave your e-mail or address as an alternative means of contact as well.

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