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    5 Impactful Ways To Combat Air Pollution In Your City

    5 Impactful Ways To Combat Air Pollution In Your City

    Combating air pollution is the need of the hour for most developing and almost every underdeveloped country worldwide.

    Even some of the highly-developed and technologically advanced countries consist of cities that suffer from air pollution.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 90% of the global population breathes in unhealthy air. This is a shocking revelation. Moreover, it is estimated by international experts that contaminants in the atmosphere are the leading cause of around 7 million premature yearly deaths. This calls for a global orchestrated effort to find the best ways to deal with air pollution. This blog post will discuss five impactful ways people worldwide can combat air pollution in their cities.

    Consider using public transportation more often along with carpooling:

    Imagine a busy intersection in a densely-populated major city. The hoards of cars waiting in line for the light to turn green. Then, consider how many passengers are in each vehicle, excluding the driver. In most cases, you will find only one person, the driver, in the vehicle. This is common in most cities worldwide. If you take the example of Lahore, the most polluted city in the world, you will realize the adverse effects that a lack of stringent pollution control measures can have.

    Public transportation is a convenient and cost-effective mode of commuting in most cities around the globe. If more people opt to use this transportation mode, it can go a long way in helping minimize traffic congestion and air pollution. Carpooling is another great way to save gas and commute with friends, family, or people from your neighborhood. Carpooling to school, work, recreational activities, and more can contribute to the reduction in the number of active vehicles on the streets.

    Consider walking or cycling for tasks/chores involving shorter distances:

    What if there was a way to exercise while running your chores (no pun intended!) or completing tasks involving shorter distances? You guessed it right! Walking or cycling are great ways to get in your vital daily cardio and take care of your daily chores. There is no need to waste gas on short trips to the convenience store or drop off or pick up mail from your post office or UPS/FedEx outlet. Consider putting on those exercise sneakers and walking/cycling to a healthy lifestyle while doing your part to reduce vehicular emissions.

    Turn off lights when not in use and choose energy-efficient appliances and devices:

    Constant usage of electricity at homes and offices leads to continual air pollution. To do your part in protecting the environment, start by switching off lights in rooms that do not require lighting, turning off appliances when not in use, and using energy-efficient devices. Moreover, using windows and fans to ventilate your home adequately can lower your dependence on air conditioners.

    Switch to renewable energy, minimize dependence on fossil fuels, and stop burning solid waste:

    It is high time that people worldwide decided to switch to renewable energy solutions like solar and wind power. Burning fossil fuels is the most significant contributor to global air pollution and has caused millions of health problems yearly. Furthermore, you must band together and approach your city officials in a civilized manner to implement better waste incineration policies and procedures to ensure solid waste is not burnt in open spaces. This poor practice further adds to the already significant percentages of contaminants and pollutants in the air.

    Minimize plastic usage, promote local farmers and local organic produce, and plant more trees:

    Plastic bags and plastic waste are extremely dangerous to the atmosphere and the planet. The burning of plastic releases toxic fumes that spread through the air. When breathed in by people, this harmful air leads to respiratory issues. Another brilliant solution is to promote local farmers and minimize the dependence on big corporations and chains for fresh produce in stores. Local farmers will only sell fresh organic produce that does not contain any harmful chemicals or fertilizers like the ones at Metrop.

    Finally, the best solution to combat air pollution is to plant more trees, establish more gardens, and open green spaces in and around cities and towns. Trees are Mother Nature’s air filters and purifiers – a fact that every school kid knows.

    Concluding thoughts:

    The global air pollution catastrophe is only becoming more severe each year. Everyone must understand the gravity of this situation and decide to take a stand to combat this issue. There are a few simple ways to embark on your mission to save this planet and our atmosphere. Please consider the five impactful ways of tackling air pollution provided in this blog post, and spread its awareness as far and wide as you can.

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