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    5 Things In America That Should Be On Your Bucket List

    5 Things In America That Should Be On Your Bucket List

    The USA is packed to the rafters with incredible places to visit and experiences to be had. Both overseas tourists and home travelers can explore fantastic offerings across the 50 states.

    Whether you’re into historical settings, picturesque coastland, incredible cityscapes, or sporting spectacle, the States has it all on.

    Here are 5 things in America you should have on your list.

    Explore the Grand Canyon

    The Grand Canyon expanse of Northern Arizona is rightly held to be one of the USA’s most popular tourist destinations. The ancient dried-out river plateau is accessible by various routes including the dramatic Skywalk. The 70 foot long bridged offers a clear glass bottom for the brave of heart to look down at the 4000 feet below.

    It is also possible to explore the Grand Canyon by air. The forty-minute tour offers incredible aerial views of the mountainous landscape in all its glory. There are also hummer tours available to take in awe-inspiring views. The two-hour tour includes a guide so you can be assured to catch the canyon at its best.

    Take in the Superbowl

    The grand culmination of the season’s NFL pits the top two sides against each other in dramatic intensity. It is a must-see for anyone hoping to take in the pinnacle of the USA’s sporting traditions. Based on the current Super Bowl odds, it looks as though the Kansas City Chiefs are the favorite to reach their third final in a row. The Chiefs won in 2020 but lost out to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021. That was in no small part down to the experience of the forty-something Tom Brady. The quarter-back continues to defy age to play at the highest level.

    This year, the Chiefs could again be opposed by the Bucs. The Tampa Bayside has performed well so far. The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers could also figure in the later stages of the season. The occasion of the Superbowl is always an incredible experience. The sheer spectacle of the halftime show is a huge part of this. This year’s Superbowl takes place in the Los Angeles Arena. Hip hop legends Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar are headlined to perform in the break

    Mardi Gras in New Orleans

    The party of Mardi Gras is a proud tradition of New Orleans. French for ‘Fat Tuesday’, the celebration takes place on the first Tuesday after Easter Sunday. Marking the end of fasting over Easter – not that you have to fast! – the party is all about celebration and joy of life.

    Music, dancing, and food are essential to the action of Mardi Gras. The amazing parades of colorful performers and troupes of musicians provide an unforgettable experience. A visit to New Orleans also offers the chance to experience the French Quarter, which is the location for the world-famous Jazz Fest.

    Go on a Tour of Miami

    While it is true that Miami has some of the best beaches in the USA, with South Beach home to some of the most glamourous restaurants and bars in the country, the city has a range of enticing prospects for visitors.

    Why not take a tour of the city visiting the artistic and cultural highlights? The famous Ocean Drive and the historic district with its incredible art-deco-inspired buildings are certainly a must for any visitor. Checking out the nearby art galleries and culturally themed museums is also highly recommended for a complete overview of Greater Miami.

    Discover Manhattan

    No trip to America would be complete without a visit to New York. The New York borough of Manhattan is the city’s most densely populated area. It is also home to a huge range of world-famous attractions with Times Square, Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art.

    A visitor can get a complete look at the city from the top of the One World Observatory. Standing at a height of 1776 feet – the measurement is a nod to the year the declaration of independence was signed – the main building is the tallest in the western world.  If all of that climbing has got you tired, chilling out in Central Park could be the answer. The park attracts millions of visitors every year for good reason with gorgeous views throughout the year.

    Scenic tree paths, ponds, and hindered of different plants and flowers provide gorgeous memories to take away. This has also proved popular with movie productions, with Central Park being the most filmed location in the world. The USA has such a massive range of things to do. These five are vital for that all-essential bucket list.

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