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    6 Tips To Make Travelling With Huge Luggage More Convenient

    6 Tips To Make Travelling With Huge Luggage More Convenient

    Traveling with a large suitcase can be very stressful, especially if you did not pack it right.

    Packing may look simple, but it is something that most people find hard to learn. Planning it well can make a difference between spending more time going to the nearest local store to get the stuff you need and a streamlined one with everything you need in your possession.

    Here are six fundamental ways to make traveling with huge Luggage more convenient.

    Bring the right luggage

    The best suitcase is different for everyone. If you are traveling abroad and it’s a long haul flight, we recommend you to have a large hard side suitcase along with you. It is durable enough and can withstand some rough handling at the airport and inside the plane.

    It also makes your travel experience seamless because you don’t have to bring lots of other bags for different items. You can pack all of them in just one big piece of luggage that you can buy from here. As a traveler, you must also keep in mind your allowable check-in baggage allowance to avoid inconvenience to your part and not pay for additional fees.

    Mark your Bags

    There is a big chance that the passenger next to you has the same luggage design as you do. It is because the days of flower-pattern are long gone. Most people buy their luggage at the same store from the same company. As a result, endless identical bags on the carousel of the arrival area at an airport. The solution of most travelers, in this case, is tying a ribbon, pasting a large sticker, or wrapping a luggage cover. It is very convenient if you have huge luggage with you. You can easily see the markings you put in them and avoid the hassle of picking the wrong one.

    Make use of Storage Facilities

    Traveling with so much luggage can be very discouraging. Imagine carrying all of it to the airport or the train station after checking out to your hotel. Good thing, there are storage facilities that you can use to leave your bags when you don’t want to bring them with you if you have spare time to roam around the city before your departure.

    An expert from, who is based in Paris, says that there are hundreds of hotels and local business establishments that offer this kind of service to travelers around the world, especially in beautiful Paris. Making it easier for travelers to store their luggage and enjoy the remaining time they have in that country. It is convenient and very affordable. Most of these luggage storage businesses offer insurance as well.

    Weigh your Luggage

    It is best that you weigh in your luggage first before going to the airport. If you have arrived at the airport and the airport ground staff discover that your huge luggage exceeds your allowable baggage limit, you are given two options. Remove some items from your luggage, or pay a corresponding baggage fee, which is pretty expensive for an excess charge.

    If you know first hand your luggage weight, you won’t be having any problem at the airport, and the check-in process will be seamless. If you are at home when weighing your bag, you can still rethink the way you pack your things. There is an inexpensive luggage scale available in the market you can purchase to help you with this.

    Assess your Items

    If you know that you have a large suitcase, there is a tendency that you stuff all the items in there. However, there are some items that you should think twice about it if you are going to bring them or not. For items that you do not have to pack, it includes jewelry, personal documents such as passport, visa papers, ID’s, and wallet. It is to avoid opening your baggage last minute at the airport if you stuff them inside your luggage. Also, think about your previous travel and access to which items you have actually used.

    Roll your clothes

    If you have a large suitcase, you tend to stuff everything there for the reason that it can accommodate all your things. Well, that is true, but you can maximize your luggage’s full potential if you roll your clothes rather than folding them. Many travel experts, including backpackers who stay in one place for over a month, agree that rolling your clothes gives you more space to stuff other things.

    Traveling doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you have a large suitcase or a backpack, you deserve to have a seamless travel experience. Follow one of these tips, and surely you can create a memorable trip despite the huge luggage beside you.

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