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    7 Unmissable Places To Visit In The US

    7 Unmissable Places To Visit In The US

    When planning a trip to the United States, there is so much to see in this vast country that it can be challenging to know where to begin.

    World-class cities, some known for history and others for fun or glamour, provide visitors with diverse options. Your interests may determine the best places to visit in America. Explore more of America with our list of the best places to visit.

    These states will make you want to book a private jet and head straight there, as the fun never stops here.

    1. California

    California’s borders encompass the entirety of America, from rural villages to cities, mountains to the ocean. There are nearly 40 million people spread across a diverse landscape, more than twice the size of the United Kingdom. The Golden State provides visitors with a miniature version of America and some of the country’s best year-round weather. Begin your adventure in sunny Los Angeles before driving into the desert. Alternatively, head south to the pristine beaches of San Diego. Cruise with the windows down along the Pacific Coast Highway from Southern California to the breathtakingly romantic city of San Francisco for one of the best drives in America.

    2. Florida

    Florida is where the fun is, as evidenced by the 90 million visitors who come here each year. The Sunshine State is brimming with family-friendly attractions, including theme parks, water parks, and beaches. It also has over 230 days of sunshine per year! Orlando is unquestionably the highlight, as it is home to Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom, the world’s most popular theme park. However, the many glitzy shopping malls and undulating golf courses give visitors a run for their money. Miami is second, thanks to its white-sand beaches, glitzy beach resorts, and diving oases. Surprisingly, Florida has more lakes and golf courses than any other state in the country.

    The tropical climate makes Florida the perfect beach destination all year round, so be sure to pack your sunscreen and swimwear, and head to Key West. With various bicycle rentals in Key West, you can explore the island at your own pace and discover its hidden gems. From the colorful architecture to the lively street performers, Key West has something for everyone.

    3. New York

    New York is one of the most iconic and beautiful states in America, if not the world. Everyone should go to New York City at least once in their lives, even if only for a weekend! The tall buildings are captivating and inspiring. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful museums and galleries. There is so much to see and do in New York City. It’s also a foodie’s paradise, with cuisines from all over the world. These are just a few reasons to visit this magnificent city.

    4. Rhode Island

    If you look at a map of the United States, you might overlook Rhode Island, the smallest state in the Union. Despite, or perhaps because of, its small size, Rhode Island has one of the richest histories of any state. It is a must-see for anyone visiting New England. As one of the first colonies in the new world, Rhode Island has many historical attractions for history buffs. If history isn’t your thing, coastal cities like Newport have many attractions that should please just about everyone. Providence is the state’s capital and largest city, and it’s worth a visit if you’re in the area.

    5. Colorado

    It’s no secret that Colorado ski resorts are among the best in the country, but that’s not the only thing this state has to offer outdoor enthusiasts during the winter. Try your hand at backcountry heli-skiing in Telluride, soak in natural hot springs after your ride down the mountain in Steamboat Springs, or embrace winter camping and dog sledding at the refurbished mine town of Dunton Hot Springs, which features an Old West saloon, ice climbing, and, of course, more hot springs.

    6. Tennessee

    Tennessee, a landlocked state in the heart of the South, offers an entirely different type of vacation to Florida and California. This state is known for its friendly people and vibrant live music scene, and every visitor is guaranteed a good time. Tennessee has a plethora of things to do. Nashville is a must-see for music fans, and Elvis Presley fans should not miss a Graceland Mansion Tour. Tours are widely available and provide an enlightening look into the life of one of music’s undisputed legends. The Sun Studio Tour is another highlight to include in the itinerary for those interested in American music.

    7. Washington

    Washington, D.C. is the United States’ capital. The city’s key features include the White House, Congress, and the government. However, don’t let that deter you; Washington is one of the most exciting cities to visit in the United States, especially its museum district and various neighborhoods. Once you’ve arrived, make time to explore Georgetown, which is packed with hip restaurants.

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