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    Alternative To Air Travel Provides Relief For Pet Owners

    Alternative To Air Travel Provides Relief For Pet Owners

    The airlines have been a safe and reliable way for pets to travel for many years!

    The incidents of pet injury or death are very low (48 pet-related incidents in 2017 across all airlines). Happy Tails Travel believes in airline travel, as they have worked one on one with the airlines’ pet safe programs to offer a 100% success rate for pet shipping for 23 years.

    Recently, the public perception of airline travel for pets has taken a severe blow due to exaggerated accounts of pet deaths. Most recently were stories of a pet dying in cabin and two pets being sent internationally in error, who were flown back to the U.S. as soon as they were discovered. These stories by the media contribute to inflated misperceptions on how ‘unsafe’ it is for airline travel. From this past summer until presently, there has been a significant decrease in people wanting their pets to fly, due to news stories they have heard.

    As a result of the media storm, airlines implemented an unprecedented amount of changes in airline rules and regulations for pet travel over the past eight months. While the changes were for the best interests of the pets and to uphold airline employees to stricter standards, these changes are also posing an inconvenience to many pet owners who need to relocate their pets. Such inconveniences include people not able to send their pets due to size and breed restrictions, huge expenses for the pet owner, or pets not being adopted due to the additional hassle of trying to find a suitable method of transport.

    In response to the “perfect storm” (public perception of air travel for live animals, greater restrictions and increased requirements), Happy Tails Travel developed a service to address these issues. As an alternative to air travel, this company can relocate pets within the contiguous U.S. by ground in a program called, “By Ground Safe and Sound.” This service offers door-to-door transportation for pets in a private vehicle by one of their highly screened, pet-friendly drivers to ensure a happy journey to each pet’s new home. Transportation includes communication throughout the day, comfort stops, and dogs have the option of riding in their crate or with a seatbelt and harness/loose, while cats must be sent with a kennel for their journey.

    Pet owners are relieved to have this service as it provides great peace of mind and the opportunity to have their pets move to their new home. Please see the highlight below from a ground testimonial and follow the link for the complete review and others!

    “Happy Tails Travel talked to me on the phone about all the ways that would work or wouldn’t work based on Walker’s background, size and personality. Helping us understand the dynamics of all types of travel and how to get Walker to Texas safely, and the best way for him.” – Marion C. and Walker who traveled from New York, NY to Austin, TX.

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