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    Discover The Hidden Gems of Hawaii With Paradise Helicopters

    Discover The Hidden Gems of Hawaii With Paradise Helicopters

    Locally owned and operated since 1997, Paradise Helicopter tours give you an authentic experience of Hawaii to remember forever.

    Decades of helicopter operations in the Hawaiian Islands have allowed Paradise Helicopters to form many unique relationships and partnerships within the communities in which they operate. Their tours offer much more than just lava, rainbows, and waterfalls.

    Whether departing from Kona , Hilo, or Oahu – these spectacular tours immerse in you the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Hawaii as you’ve never seen it before. Paradise Helicopters is a global leader in aviation safety. The safety culture at Paradise starts with the CEO and is managed by a full-time Safety Officer. Safety programs have been established company-wide, shaping the actions of every department and every employee.

    Paradise Helicopters is one of the only operators in the state of Hawaii that offers a twin-engine helicopter for commercial charter use.  The Bell 430 offers enhanced safety features which include a three-axis autopilot system, instrument-certified airframe, and a second engine that mitigates overwater risk.  Guests can feel reassured that during their flight on the Bell 430 both engines will be operating at the same time, giving the pilot more options in the event an engine becomes degraded.

    Paradise Helicopter’s award-winning charter service will take you to new heights. Their team of Charter Specialists is accustomed to making it happen and will design an unforgettable excursion just for you. You can be as involved as you like – work with their team to plan a moment-by-moment itinerary, or give your wish list.

    As the originators of helicopter charter experiences in Hawaii, PH has a deep knowledge of what makes for the perfect outing. The team has carefully curated every aspect of their charters from exclusive landings to local gourmet catering, and only partner with activity outfitters who share their passion for impeccable service and access. These are Hawaii helicopter tours that immerse you in the culture of the islands, and reveal the hidden beauty of the islands. Paradise’ss experiences depart from six bases across Hawaii.

    Explore tours by departure location using the map below:

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