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    Finding Magic And Luxury Travel With Blogger: Anna Myrha

    Finding Magic And Luxury Travel With Blogger: Anna Myrha

    Anna Myrha is a make-believer and miracle-seeker. She aims to find the magic in everyday life and share it with the world.

    Through her inspiring visuals on Instagram and her blog Living in a Fairytale, Anna shows her community that with a little shift in perspective and allowing our imagination to fly free, we can re-create our world the way we dreamed it.

    We interviewed with Anna about her upbringing, tips for getting into luxury travel and inspiration for others who are looking to add some magic to their lives.

    Where are you from originally and where do you consider your home now?

    Even though I was born in the UK, I am originally from Greece, raised on the South Coast of Athens. I came to New York 12 years ago to attend grad school at Pace University and have stayed in the US since then.

    I still consider Greece my home because all my family is there, but New York is definitely my second home. When I am in New York I miss Greece and when I am in Greece I miss New York, it’s a funny situation.

    How have your studies in Communication Design and Advertising impacted your blogging career?

    It is very interesting how life turns out. I studied Communication Design when I was 20 and worked as a graphic designer specializing in branding for a few years in London and Athens before I decided I wanted to quit the 9-5 world and become an actress. I applied to a very prominent Master’s theater degree in New York City, and after a strenuous audition process, I was accepted.

    After graduating, I freelanced as a graphic designer while also pursuing an acting career. I loved acting and was able to work as an actress in many films, TV shows, and commercials, but I didn’t like the audition process. I felt like other people were in charge of what kind of work I would be able to do, and how much creativity I could offer. That’s when I decided to start my own brand, and Instagram was the perfect place for that. I combined what I had learned in advertising and the acting world, and started applying it to content creating and blogging.

    Both of these helped me immensely in creating my brand and being very specific about what I want to communicate to the world and how I do it. Finding my fairytale in an ordinary world took more than educational training. After college, I started spiritual work. Studying the teachings of Abraham Hicks, A Course in Miracles, an ancient tradition of Hoʻoponopono, I started understanding the power of thought, the natural laws of attraction and manifestation, the functions of joy, and the process of forgiving.

    It was this work that changed my life and for the first time, I felt happiness. Joy and appreciation weren’t just in my imaginative world, but now it was in my real world.

    What was your favorite fairy tale movie or TV show that has made a significant impact on your career and why?

    Sleeping Beauty and Mary Poppins (the original film) were my favorite films as a child and they still are. I must have watched them a million times growing up, and that way of life where happy endings, magic, and good conquering all is still what I believe in. I think it also has impacted my relationship with nature and animals.

    I do honestly think that animals and people can get along and live together, just like Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) did in the forest with all her friends. I love animals more than anything, that is why I became vegan and originally, the reason I started Instagram was to show the world how important it is to be vegan and sustainable. In my fairytale world, all of God’s creations are equal, and we all live in harmony with each other and nature, loving and kind to all on this earth.

    Therefore, all my contents and stories focus on showcasing a sustainable and vegan lifestyle beneficial for humanity, the environment, and our beautiful friends in the animal kingdom. It still is my number one goal in life and with my brand. Watching these movies definitely had an impact on that.

    What are some tactics that you use to incorporate fairy tales into traveling and wellness?

    I draw a lot of my inspiration from fairy-tales and fantasy. Growing up watching fairy tales, those stories and ways of thinking are engraved in my mind and heart, and I always try to connect to the world and to what I “see” through a fairy tale perspective. I always try to see the magic in every moment, and that is what I try to communicate with my creations. The concept always has to be magical and portray a world that is real, but yet has a touch of magic.

    Besides, there’s so much that our physical eyes don’t see, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. From concept to camera settings, to props, and especially editing, what I want to share with the world is what is hidden, but still there for us to experience. The location also has to have something special and some elements of nature. That is why I always prefer shooting during spring and summer and outdoors. My fascination with fairytales and magic began when I was a child growing up in Athens, Greece. With signs of ancient civilizations in my backyard, it inspired me to delve into my imagination and let it lead the way. Greece is also where I started to appreciate nature.

    Surrounded by cerulean beaches, picture-perfect mountains and vibrant flowers nestled among the masses of cat colonies, Greece is where my passion for manipulating the ordinary world to make it spectacularly unusual began. And I needed the skill set to create what I was envisioning in my mind, that’s where my studies in Communication Design and Theater came in.

    What is a current challenge for you and how would you approach it?

    Time management is a huge challenge for me. It takes almost 20 hours in total to create one piece of content, from thinking about the concept to buying props and outfits to storyboarding, planning the location, transportation, setting up, shooting, and editing. On top of that, I do want to interact at least 2-3 hours a day with my followers, post stories, reply to emails, organize future photoshoots and travels, and post 3-4 times a week.

    That takes up a lot of time, and sometimes I do feel overwhelmed. Especially when I am on a travel trip, and on the go all day, things get left behind and there’s so much content to edit. So, I think that soon I will have to hire an assistant.

    What was one thing you did that exceeded your expectations when you began developing your blog?

    I never thought that I could make this my full-time job. In the beginning, I just did it because I wanted to be in control of the content I create as opposed to acting in other people’s projects or working for other brands supporting their vision and taking directions that, I know, didn’t work. Now, I am able to be my own boss, create concepts that I love and am inspired by, and other brands come to me to support their business through my branding and creative thinking, as opposed to the other way around.

    That way, I can provide maximum value to them without having to take notes and directions that I know do not work. Of course, I am always open to notes and guidelines from the brands I work with, but since most of the work is on my channels, I find that they are so open and respectful with my vision, and there’s an element of trust that wasn’t there before when I was just a designer. I love this kind of collaborative process much more.

    How do you handle comparisons between your blog and that of other bloggers? What is one way you continue to distinguish your brand and stand apart?

    I very rarely compare myself to anyone else. I think there’s enough abundance and room for everyone in any business they choose to flourish in. I love being inspired by other bloggers, and I made so many amazing friends through Instagram. Because it is a business where most of us put a piece of our soul out there to share with the world, I believe that everyone’s work is unique and always distinguishable.

    As long as you are true to yourself, your passions, and your vision and you do not compare yourself to others or try to be something that you are not or that you think the world wants you to be, you will be distinguishable by default. No one else is like you and that is your superpower.

    What was the inspiration for the development of your blog?

    Creating a world that is kind to all species, animals and humans alike, and reminding people what it is like to be human, to love our Mother Earth, to be connected with nature and the magical powers of the universe. I wanted to make people, including myself believe again. Believe in a world of love, joy, and magic A work where everything is not only possible but most probable.

    I aim to inspire my followers, spark their imaginations, and most of all, help them create the fairy tale world they dreamed of… because they can.

    The Fox Magazine is all about inspiration, what/who inspires you the most?

    Nature, spirituality, fairy tales, flowers, butterflies, magical kingdoms, princesses, beauty, the stars, the sky, the moon, the sun, animals, fairies, and mythology.

    What’s one piece of advice you can give to someone that’s inspired by your career path?

    When you believe in something, do it! Do everything and anything you can to make it happen, with joy and laser focus. Stay away from words like “hard work, hustling, trying” and focus more on words like “alignment, flow, fun, joy, dedication, ease and inspiration”.

    Research, put time in it, learn as much as you can, and make sure to always get better and better at everything you do. Put in the work, put in the time, put in the joy, and believe.

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    • Maria Nectarian
      July 29, 2021

      Very inspirational 👏

    • Vivian
      July 29, 2021

      Yes, hustling and working hard are not the answer. Thank you for sharing, beautiful interview and very enlightening 💙

    • Vivian
      July 29, 2021

      Great inspiration, fairy tales are always a beautiful source of inspiration, thank you!

    • Leslie
      July 29, 2021

      Great interview

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