Fonebud Mobile Sharing Assistant Makes International Travel Easier Using Blockchain and Tokenomic Theory

The International travel market is growing rapidly.

Revenue for International travel in 2017 was $1.32 billion. Fonebud IoT Berhad announced Mobile Sharing Assistant (MSA) at CES 2019. MSA was developed to solve the pain points of International travel, leveraging blockchain and tokenomics to provide convenience.

Language translation, mobile data services, and reliable local service information are the most critical issues for International business travelers. MSA applies AI, eSIM, and blockchain to create unique services with real-time and automated value exchanges between multiple entities such as travelers, investors, local merchants, mobile operators, and advertisers.

MSA tokens can be converted into legal currency at the digital asset exchange. MSA’s mobile device also will support up to 72 languages and provides high-quality mobile data at a low cost in 90+ countries. Its unique dialog translation function, allows multiple parties to participate in a conference call from all over the world and uses multi-language automatic translation among multiple devices in the same group. Photo translation helps travelers understand text messages, menus, street signs, and logos.

MSA was announced at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. MSA provides commission for regional merchants. In addition, investors who join the MSA Free Hosting Program will receive value-added revenues. To connect with Fonebud regarding its merchant programs, contact

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