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    Here’s Why You Need To Learn Basic Self-Defense Skills Before You Travel

    Here’s Why You Need To Learn Basic Self-Defense Skills Before You Travel

    Finding an efficient way to keep yourself safe on your travels can be a little more concerning than doing the same in your home town.

    When you’re in a different state or country, this makes you vulnerable to criminals who specifically target tourists because they’re known to carry around stacks of cash, as well as other important documents that robbers can make use of.

    However, you don’t need to go through the hassle of purchasing a weapon. A simpler way to keep yourself safe is through self-defense techniques, which can range from martial arts to a couple of moves that can block attacks and scare off criminals. Thus, knowing martial arts like Brazilian jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, karate, or Aikido is essential.

    Here’s why you need to pick up on some self-defense basics before you travel.

    Vulnerability is part of traveling

    It doesn’t matter how well you think you can fit in with the locals; they’ll know if you’re not from around there. It will either be the way you talk or the way you’re dressed, and criminals know exactly whom to target. That is not to say that you’re stepping into a game of Street Fighter, and should be wary of your surroundings to the point that you can’t have fun.

    However, you should understand that it’s not entirely uncommon to run into people who want to talk you into paying for a service that you don’t want, or cause a distraction so they can rob you.

    Basic techniques are easy to learn

    Another reason why it’s best to learn self-defense techniques such as Krav Maga is because they’re easy to pick up on. You’re not learning a few skills to flaunt them in championships, and there will be no stress on your part in the learning process.

    Martial art specialists usually estimate a few weeks of practice for beginners to pick up on self-defense and survival techniques, which may involve surprising your enemy with an attack, or wrestling a tool or weapon out of their hands. This will allow you to be prepared in case you encounter a situation where violence is the only way out.

    You’ll gain confidence

    It would be challenging to enjoy your stay in a foreign city where you feel like you’re not safe. Learning self-defense can help women, especially feel confident enough to enjoy what a city has to offer without the need to conform to a curfew, or hire a guide. Nonetheless, you should still be a little sensible when it comes to where you go, or whom you talk to.

    However, you’ll find that you’ll be much more confident in your abilities, and this will give you the space to have fun without fretting over a hypothetical possibility of being scammed or robbed. Coaches will teach you how to set verbal as well as physical boundaries, employing both your voice and your body as a self-defense tool.

    You’ll know how to take action

    Learning self-defense from professionals does not just involve physical defenses and attacks. Professionals will also teach you how to evaluate a situation, and decide whether it poses danger or not. Most professionals will help you take actions in stressful situations.

    Violence should always be the last resort when you’re trying to flee a situation that you suspect may be dangerous. Your coaches will help you decide whether you should flee, or react physically, before you can get yourself to a safe place. There are also non-contact self-defense strategies made specifically for travelers, which involve using intuition, body language, and the right language with the other party.

    You’ll have the right mindset

    Even if you already know a thing or two about physically defending yourself, you should still invest in classes taught by professionals. You shouldn’t casually walk around a town with a killer mindset, where you have to look over your shoulder with a death glare to whomever approaches you.

    In fact, this may even attract criminals your way, seeing as this comes off as fear. Your coaches will help you have a more composed mindset so that you can act calmly in a stressful situation. They may even advise you on how to take legal action in case someone who has harassed you flees from the scene. Listen to what your coaches have to say, and only act physically if you absolutely have to. Save and keep handy numbers of lawyers for gun charges who will defend if anyone is charged with gun crimes and ensure that your rights are protected.

    It’s important to cover some basics of self-defense before you travel, seeing as purchasing a weapon is not always the safest decision. When you know that you can defend yourself if you ever need to, you’ll have the mindset to enjoy your trip without having to look over your shoulder wherever you walk.

    Make sure to check the safest areas in the city that you’re visiting, and limit your conversation with passersby.

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