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    Revealed: Top Domestic And International Destinations For American Travelers

    Revealed: Top Domestic And International Destinations For American Travelers

    Traveling is on many people’s bucket lists around the world.

    It’s not only relaxing, but it’s an opportunity to see the world differently and learn about new cultures. But what are the domestic and international desired travel destinations across each state? With nearly 12 million passports issued in the U.S alone in 2022, the experts over at have analyzed search data using Google Keyword Planner around the searches for flights to reveal the most popular international and domestic travel destinations Americans are choosing to travel to.

    The Most Popular International Destinations Americans Are Traveling to According to International Flight Searches in 2022

    1. Japan
    2. Mexico
    3. Italy
    4. Greece
    5. India

    One of the oldest civilizations, Japan has a stunning and varied past and has ranked number one across the U.S. The beautiful, diversified landscape, which the Japanese love for its mountains and breathtaking views, offers so many distinct experiences that attract travelers from all over the world, including Americans.

    Ranked joint first, Mexico is indeed a tropical treasure cove, with its stunning beaches and cities bursting with ancient architecture. Italy (3rd) is known for its fascinating culture, picturesque views, and renowned cuisine. Finally, Greece (4th) is filled with rich, ancient history and incredible island landscapes.

    The Most Popular Flight Searches Across the U.S. According to Domestic Flight Searches in 2022

    1. Michigan
    2. Hawaii
    3. New York
    4. Florida
    5. Pennsylvania

    Using Google search data, revealed the most popular domestic flight searches across the U.S., to uncover the top five states Americans are wanting to travel to. Michigan, known for incredible hiking, fishing, and water activities, ranked joint 1st alongside Hawaii‘s world-class beaches, scorching volcanoes, and pristine rainforests.

    New York (3rd) is a state that caters to the interests of many. It is a dynamic city with some of the greatest food in the world, amazing shopping districts, and countless entertainment options.

    Florida ranked 4th with millions of travelers visiting each year to experience some of the most famous attractions in the world. There are many beautiful national parks and beaches to see. Museums and important historical sites represent Pennsylvania’s (5th) major attractions, but it also boasts marvelous countrysides and mountain ranges.

    The most popular international and domestic flights by state can be found HERE.

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