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    The Road Trip Makes A Comeback

    The Road Trip Makes A Comeback

    Over the last several months, the world pandemic has seen plenty of new words introduced into our vocabulary.

    Does anyone have odds on the possibility that “social-distancing” will be 2020’s “word of the year”?  However, two old words are making a comeback and are being bandied about as much as a mask, quarantine, and social distancing.

    And those two words are…… Road Trip! Yes, the nostalgic road trip is making a comeback in part thanks to social distancing and lower gas prices. It seems more and more Americans are still planning to vacation, but opting to drive, instead of fly and travel our country rather than go out of the country.

    And, it appears that the vehicle of choice for these 2020 road trips is in fact, the RV. Yes, the good old recreational vehicle that provides you the proverbial home away from home is coming up the front-runner where road-tripping is concerned. And why not, today’s RVs are roomy enough to accommodate the family and have most of the amenities enjoyed at home from well-appointed kitchens to wide-screen TVs. Plus, slide-outs, which are exactly what they sound like, slide-out to provide more living space when the RV is parked. RVs are the ideal vehicle for quality family time!

    According to the Boston Globe, RV sales and rental companies are reporting massive increases in sales and RV park reservations are showing increases as well.  RVs and RV parks are the perfect way to travel safely and see the county all while maintaining social-distancing cues.

    If you are, in fact, one of those people planning to hit the road and enjoy an RV family road trip this year, consider the options that Thousand Trails offer when it comes to locations and planning the perfect road trip that offers something for everyone.

    The Pacific Northwest: You can drive from northern Washington all the way down to southern Oregon, stopping along the way at six different Thousand Trails locations on the coast. Charming beach towns, biking and hiking trails, fishing spots, and more highlight this route.

    The California Coast: Startup north in Wine Country and drive south with stops in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Diego. This road trip, which offers plenty of sunshine and ocean views, is on almost everyone’s bucket list. Both big-city excitement and small-town charm pepper this road trip.

    New England: Spend time in New England in a few of the originals like Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Rocky coastlines, historic sites, and of course, the ever-present lobster make this a great family trip.

    The Northeast: Explore the Adirondacks, hit the Jersey Shore, or enjoy the quiet lifestyle of the Pennsylvania Dutch with over 10 locations in these popular vacation destinations. Mountains, seashores, and farmlands and Amish feasts are on the agenda with this trip.

    The Midwest: A trip around America’s heartland includes stops in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. Explore lakes and rivers, forest and woodlands, state capital cities and iconic little towns of the Midwest.

    The South: The Carolinas, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida offer up plenty of locations and a big dose of southern hospitality to boot. Enjoy the crystal clear water of Alabama’s Lake Smith, music lover venues Nashville and Memphis, the beauty of the Carolinas, Texas’ big-sized fun including fishing, Texas Hill Country, and the Big D – aka Dallas and just about the entire state of Florida!

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    The Road Trip Makes …

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