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    Why Mini Buses And Vans Are Better For Traveling With Small Groups

    Why Mini Buses And Vans Are Better For Traveling With Small Groups

    When planning a trip, whether it’s for family, friends, or even company trips, there are always a few debates that happen.

    The first debate is always, where to go. The second debate is what to do as a group while you’re there. The other debate is figuring out what type of transportation would be more accommodating for everyone.

    The funny thing about the debate on transportation is that it can’t be determined until you have a final headcount of everyone who will be attending the trip. Where the comedy comes in is the fact that you may have 23 people who initially are interested in going on the trip but the closer you get to the trip, people start to back out of the trip. So the number of people attending has gone from 23 (a fairly large group) to about 14. That’s quite a difference in people attending.

    According to, there are all kinds of reasons why people back out of trips but one of the biggest reasons is because people keep wanting to change the initial plans. This is something that’s typically accommodating to the person that asked but not accommodating to everyone else wanting to go.

    This change in attendance also goes the other way around where it initially starts out to be a small group and grows to a larger number. Whether it’s a decrease or increase in attendance, whatever that number is can actually change the trip’s transportation needs. When the number decreases, it’s of great importance to make comfort the number one priority when it comes to traveling in small groups, especially for long-distance trips.

    Depending on the occasion and how big your small group is, you always have the option of everyone taking separate cars and getting to the destination at different times but the fact that it’s a group trip means everyone should want to ride together. Now, just because everyone would be riding together, doesn’t mean that everyone has to be cramped in together.

    There have been so many advancements in bus and van transportation to where it doesn’t even feel like you’re on a bus… it just feels like you’re floating off to your destination. For small group travel, the best mode of transportation is going to be to travel by minibus or van.

    Again, everyone has the option to travel separately but the whole point is to enjoy the trip together as a group. If you still need more convincing as to why you need to charter a minibus or van for your next small group trip, take a look at all the benefits they both provide.

    Benefit 1: Seating For More Passengers

    As mentioned before, the whole point of a group trip is to ride together as a group and with minibusses or vans, everyone will have the opportunity to ride together. Before minibusses and vans became available to the general public, they were primarily used for business purposes but ever since they became available to the public, people have been able to enjoy small group travel all in one vehicle. And the best part is you are able to have the van without actually owning it through van leasing, you will see more van leasing deals on the internet and you can choose one which best suits your needs.

    Benefit 2: Comfortable Seating

    Long gone are the days of going on road trips and being “packed like sardines,” as people used to say… You can now travel in complete comfort. With mini buses and vans of today, each person has their own individual seat, making the riding experience more comfortable. Most mini buses and sprinter vans have bucket seats with ample interior headroom and leg room that allows you to stretch out.

    Benefit 3: Nice Amenities

    While standard vans provide air conditioning and bench seating, mini buses and vans feature a wide array of amenities. Everything from large and plush seats, to free wifi, road trips will never be the same when riding in the luxury that mini buses and vans provide.

    Benefit 4: Safer Ride

    Maybe you and your group of friends are traveling from Los Angeles and have made a fun list of things to do in the Reno-Tahoe area… In doing that, you’re going to want everyone to experience the ride there together… you don’t want someone from the group to miss out on the beautiful scenery because they’re too busy focusing on the road for everyone’s safety. In case you’re planning to get your Ford, either car or van, you will find helpful these 7 answers to the most frequently asked questions about limited finance deals.

    Safety is actually one of the biggest advantages of utilizing minibusses and vans for small group trips. For one, you may not know the driving laws in certain locations, you don’t know the roads, and you don’t know where you’re going. Drivers of minibusses and vans know the location and can get everyone there safely.

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    • Charlotte Fleet
      December 11, 2020

      You made a lot of very good points on why traveling by minibusses is convenient and beneficial. My family of 3 siblings who all are married and have kids is wanting to take a trip in March and we were hoping to find a reputable transportation company while we are on vacation. I appreciate how you said that a major part of going on group trips is being able to ride together and that minibusses allow everyone to ride in one vehicle.

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