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    The Planet D Creates City Guides Series to Help Travelers

    The Planet D Creates City Guides Series to Help Travelers

    Forbes’ Top 10 travel influencers from have created a new series of city guides to help people travel easier.

    What makes their guides stand out is they have hired local writers to share insider tips and information with up to date listings of tours and hotel recommendations.

    “When people search the Internet, they often find outdated content written by someone that visited a destination years ago. These guides give up to date information from the people that live there,” says Dave Bouskill, founder of The Planet D.

    “We came up with this concept to support the inspirational side of our travel blog. Our readers already come to us for new ideas on where to travel to, but they didn’t receive practical information where they could book the entire package. Our travel guides fill that void,” adds Debra Corbeil, co-founder of the website.

    They give advice with city guides like Where to Stay in Paris and London to the essential guide to the North Coast 500 and The Complete California Road Trip with downloadable e-books for future reference.

    Readers will find ideas for sights to see, things to do, tours to take and which hotels to stay at depending on their budget.

    The Planet D was named one of the top 10 travel influencers in the world by Forbes in 2017 and felt the need to use that acclaim to help the reader more. They have always had a knack for storytelling and sharing their experiences around the world, and wanted to provide the information necessary for others to be able to travel as they do.

    We want The Planet D to be the full package for our followers old and new. When someone stumbles onto our website, they will now be able to follow the links and plan an entire vacation.

    They will be rolling out more guides, ebooks and city planners over the coming months, and they will continue to give in-depth articles on their travels while sharing personal stories and inspiration.

    The Planet D creates videos to compliment the city guides on their youtube channel and is still very active in social media.

    The world of the influencer is changing and people want more than just a pretty Instagram photo. With The Planet D, you get that gorgeous travel images to fulfill the dreaming stage of travel planning, but you also have the opportunity to follow through with planning and booking your travels as well.

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    The Planet D Creates…

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