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    5 Things New Photographers Can Do To Protect Themselves

    5 Things New Photographers Can Do To Protect Themselves

    It can be tricky to establish yourself as a photography artist, especially when there are so many others you feel are more talented than you and even have better connections.

    Still, once you build your reputation, the work and recognition should start flooding in. When this happens, your photo skills may be in high demand, and the last thing you want is to see someone using your images without permission. So, how can you protect yourself as a new photographer?

    Register Your Copyright

    Registering the copyright on your images immediately gives you the protection you need from the people or businesses using your images. Although it may not stop third parties from taking your images, filing a claim in a suitable time frame (usually three months) means you could be eligible for up to $150,000 in damages compensation. Don’t assume all copyright claims will be so profitable, and culprits will only need to pay the original licensing fee. Still, any images used in popular campaigns, especially by well-known corporations, could prove fruitful.

    Use Watermarks

    Using image watermarks is another great – and simple – way to protect your photos online. Rather than publish the originals, you can follow that guide to add layers and edit the image to include your logo, name, and the year the photo was taken. If you only use these images in your portfolio as an example of your work, you drastically minimize the chances of someone stealing your photographs while they are browsing your website.

    Get Photography Insurance

    Protecting your equipment is just as essential as protecting your intellectual property. Any photographer should get photography insurance whether they are traveling or simply going around areas in their home city. This insurance provides the peace of mind you need to carry out tasks and take trips without panicking about the substantial expenses that could happen if your gear is stolen or damaged.

    Disable Right-Click Saves

    With the rise (and subsequent mockery) of NFTs, more and more image creators and photographers educated themselves about disabling right-click saves. This guide to preventing novices from stealing your images is a great way to keep your photographs safe online, and although there are still ways to get around this, the majority of people will give up or search for other images because they don’t want to deal with the hassle.

    Get Legal Advice

    Sometimes, you can’t help it if your images have been stolen. It could have occurred years ago before you knew anything about protecting images. However, if you notice that someone has stolen one of your photos, you can seek legal advice. A qualified lawyer should be able to tell you whether you have a case and provide assistance in getting you what you’re owed.


    Protecting your intellectual property can seem a little over the top, especially since you don’t want to get anyone in trouble. Still, these are images you have worked hard to capture, and you should receive the credit – and money – you deserve. You don’t want to stumble across one of your images being used for a popular campaign, so take these steps to protect all your photos online.

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