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    The Art of Baby Photography

    The Art of Baby Photography

    It’s hard to capture those first few moments when a baby comes along, with time seeming to stand still and fly by at the same time.

    Expert in baby photography, Siobhan Wolff, believes it is crucial to plan ahead of time so that you don’t have to schedule it when you are home with your newborn and trying to do it all at once. Planning allows you to have beautiful photos from that special time in your life.

    If you are looking to take the photos yourself or want to get some tips before an upcoming professional shoot, read on to find out more.

    Baby photography props

    Photography props are going to be a really great way to add some intrigue to your baby photos. Baby photography props like hessian, cane baskets, beautiful cloth, and soft furnishings can really heighten the delicacy of your little baby. These sorts of props will come with the studio when you book a professional baby photographer. Still, you can find affordable alternatives if you’re thinking about doing the photoshoot at home. To save time, you can jump online and search for what you are looking for and see what shops have it before inspecting them in person.

    Color tones

    Colour is another really effective way of enhancing your baby photography. You want to be thinking beyond pink for girls and blue for boys, and instead, explore more depth in your color. Light and neutral tones can be fantastic, but don’t shy away from deep maroons, navy blues, and pallets with more drama. You also want to consider how your backdrop is going to interact with your chosen color palette.

    Family wardrobe

    You’ve probably agonized over the baby‘s wardrobe for weeks now, not to mention deciding what you will wear. Don’t overthink it and simplify everyone’s wardrobe by just wearing white. This is where your props and color palette can really pop when the whole family is wearing a nice crisp white. If this is a little bit too boring for your family, then be sure to avoid something that’s too loud, like a noisy paisley print or anything too bright. This is going to take the focus away from your baby.

    Getting inspiration

    Baby photography is probably something you only do once or a few times in your life, so you probably do need to find some inspiration. Jump online and see what other families have done for their baby photography, and don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and textures at home before the big shoot day. If you have friends who have done it before, ask what worked and what didn’t work as there might be some poor choices that you didn’t see on their Facebook or highlight reel that you want to avoid.

    Timing your photoshoot

    The timing of a baby photoshoot is a factor that is often overlooked, and this is arguably the one element that is going to make or break a shoot. Ideally, you want your little one to be fed and due for a nap, so they are nice and relaxed for the holding and laying positions you have planned. If you are using a baby or child photographer, they are going to be accustomed to having breaks and fluid plans so that parents can get the best result, so don’t be afraid to be upfront about where your baby is at in their awake windows.

    Any parent will tell you that the newborn stage goes too quickly, and so you want to immortalize every single dimple to remember when they are older. Working with a professional photographer can make this process a lot easier, but getting great photos on your own with enough planning is possible.

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    The Art of Baby Phot…

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