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    Vibrant Melody

    Vibrant Melody

    What does music generate in us?

    The vibratory impulse that connects the senses with the external, is a sensory connection that makes music awaken involuntary movements according to moods.

    Photographer: Alejandro Montoya Ortiz | IG: @alejomontoyaphotography

    Model: Laura Rodriguez Giraldo | IG: @lau_props

    Makeup and Hair: Lissette Toro | IG: @lismakeup_

    Stylist: Sebastian Galan-Romeo Studio | IG: @nosoygalan

    Art: Cristhian Granados & Yomer Steven | IG: @la_crymoso & @yomerst

    Location: FotoDesign Bogotá | IG: @fotodesigncol

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    Vibrant Melody

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