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    4 Common Gardening Problems

    4 Common Gardening Problems

    Whether you love gardening, or hate it and see it as a necessary task to create an outdoor space you can enjoy during summer, you will always come across problems, particularly if you’ve neglected it during the colder months.

    Here are some of the common problems and how to solve them.

    Faulty equipment

    We’ve all been there, psyched ourselves up for sorting out the garden after leaving it unattended for too long, only to find a problem with some of the gardening equipment. Even when we choose to invest in high-quality and branded gardening equipment from brands like Husqvarna, things can go wrong – especially if we don’t remember to maintain and check these important pieces of machinery.

    However, if you’ve come to use your Husqvarna gardening equipment and found that there’s a problem with the fuel line or something just isn’t quite right, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy brand new. Sometimes a simple search for replacement parts for Husqvarna equipment can provide you with the solution and get your gardening equipment moving again.

    So, whether you need a gauge wheel for your lawnmower or parts for your garden trimmer or leaf blower, you can easily replace these, at a fraction of the price it would cost to buy a new lawnmower or other gardening gear from Husqvarna.

    Too much or not enough water

    When there’s little rain, your garden can suffer. By planning ahead, you can reduce the problems this will cause for your garden. Some plants are more likely to survive a drought, so you might choose these to plant. They include hardy geraniums and bearded irises.

    You should also mulch your garden, as this can help the soil retain moisture, and protect your plants when there is little rain.

    Alternatively, too much water can also be bad for your garden. However, you can cover plants when heavy rain is forecasted, and plant them in pots with holes underneath for drainage (and they’re easier to move too).

    Garden pests

    There are many types of garden pests that can ruin all your hard work and destroy your plants. Slugs are a common one but can be deterred by copper strips or pine needles. Or you could build a bird box in your garden. Because some birds eat slugs, this could solve your pest problem.

    Another common garden pest is rabbits, but you can keep them out by fencing off your garden and plants. Also, by planting onions around the edge of your garden, you can prevent rabbits from becoming a problem.


    If you’ve attracted birds to your garden to get rid of the slugs, the birds might become the new problem, eating the seeds you plant before they can grow. This can easily be resolved with bird netting to prevent this from happening. If your plants aren’t growing and you’re not sure why, it might be worth keeping a closer watch on your garden to see if you notice birds or another reason for the problem.

    Keeping your garden looking great and protecting it from threats like too much water or garden pests can be hard work. However, it’s worth it when you get to enjoy the outdoor space you’ve worked so hard on creating.

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    • Adam
      August 26, 2022

      I would add bad soil and fertilizer, bad environment, and plants not planted in the right climate. All this gives a lot of problems with plants. I’ve been using coconut coir a lot lately as an alternative to peat moss, it’s completely eco-friendly and can hold enough moisture for most plants. On the site you can find great product options on this subject

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