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    5 Ideas For Students To Boost Their Studying Performance

    5 Ideas For Students To Boost Their Studying Performance

    Educational experts say that students’ performance is influenced by different factors, such as environmental, instructional, and personal.

    Instructional factors involve ways of information delivery, teacher’s academic qualification, professionalism, and communication skills. Environmental factors include home and classroom environment, peer influences, learning facilities, and social settings. Personal factors relate to student’s interests, attitude towards learning, responsibility level, study habits, time management skills, and many more.

    As you see, academic performance largely depends on your personality and the actions you take. Below you can find the most effective ways of enhancing learning productivity.

    Delegate the most energy-consuming issues

    It’s almost impossible to complete all the tasks assigned by instructors on your own. Academic work requires much time and effort, so it drains you on both emotional and physical levels. To avoid chronic fatigue and maintain a life-study balance, it’s essential to delegate some part of your homework.

    If you ask somebody to help you with minor college tasks, you will get a chance to focus your attention on the most important things. For instance, you can concentrate on a course project or exam preparation instead of writing one of the numerous research papers. The only question is how to find an assistant you can rely on. Probably, one of the best solutions n would be to ask your peers for recommendations. For sure, some of them have already used services that complete academic tasks. Depending on their experience, you can pick a credible one. But still, tastes differ and there is no guarantee that you will have the same opinion.

    Hence, you can experiment with different assignment services on your own. All you need is to type in search engine something like ‘write my college paper’ and see what’s offered on the market. Pay special attention to the service reviews and choose only top-rated platforms, similar to StudyClerks which is popular all over the world. Its professional writers can create a custom paper according to the client’s requirements even within 24 hours. This service has gained credibility among many students, so you could try it first.

    Create a list of goals

    Most of us are familiar with the idea of setting goals for ourselves. However, achieving them can be elusive if they are not written down. To prove that, let’s consider a study conducted by Cheryl Travers, a professor at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England. She asked students to identify areas where they needed to improve skills and knowledge. They could be getting a higher grade in a particular subject or enhancing focus while learning. Doctor Travers asked participants to visualize desired outcomes and write down how they could put their objectives into practice.

    Students reflected on their goal progress for three months and wrote down into their diaries everything that happened. The research has found that this kind of reflective goal-related writing helped participants significantly improve their academic performance.

    Increase your attention span

    Larry Rosen has proved that the active use of technology diminishes our ability to focus. As we are surrounded by numerous digital distractions, we are less likely to efficiently accomplish things.

    Dr. Rosen organized a study where students had to learn at home full of electronic devices. It was discovered that participants were negatively affected by technology distractions, such as phone calls, email alerts, message notifications. They spent only about half of the time set for studying and wasted the rest for frequent gadget checks. Dr. Rosen came to the conclusion that technology leads to a lack of focus among students. He also stated that it decreases attention spans, which causes poor metacognition. In its turn, this results in low academic performance. Hence,  in our highly-digitalized world, it’s extremely important to work on raising concentration span.

    Collaborate with others

    Although the idea of fitting in a group may seem counter-productive for some people,  studies ­suggest that studying in a team can improve performance in the long run. Probably, this happens because communication with other people can facilitate progress and boost creativity.

    Michaela Schippers from Erasmus University conducted research on collaborative work in a health-care environment. She revealed that the groups of workers that met on a regular basis solved problems much more efficiently than those that did not gather regularly.

    Team members could brainstorm and think collectively about issues they face, so they managed to find solutions much faster. This is how working with others can be beneficial for performance enhancement.

    Move the body

    If you are sitting at your desk all the time, chances are your performance will drop at some point. To keep your mind fresh, you need to make some changes. Mark Benden, a professor at Texas A&M School of Public Health, studied two groups of office workers over six months. One group was asked to sit at traditional desks while the other one used stations enabling employees to elevate their tables whenever they wanted to stand.

    The researcher found that people in the second group stood approximately 1.5 hours longer per day and were 42 % more productive than those in the first group. The difference is incredible, isn’t it? Benden explained that participants working at stand-­capable stations had improved blood flow to the brain and circulation to the body because they were up more of the time. This made their brain more active and engaged.

    As you may see, moving is crucial for great academic performance. So try to use any opportunity to do physical activity if you want to succeed in classes.

    Author’s BIO

    Judy Nelson is a study coach and academic writer. As a coach, Judy identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses and helps them achieve high academic goals. As a writer, she assists learners in completing college papers and writing projects.

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