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    5 Tips For Living More Playfully As An Adult

    5 Tips For Living More Playfully As An Adult

    Have you been feeling as though life has been taken over by responsibilities, chores, work, and all the things you “should” be doing as an adult?

    While those are all-natural aspects of adulthood, it doesn’t mean the fun and playfulness in life has to stop.

    Embracing your more playful side is a fabulous way to stay young at heart, stay mentally fit, and just feel more satisfied, happy, and balanced in life.

    If you’ve decided it’s time to start living more playfully as an adult, these tips can certainly help you achieve your goal.

    Carve Out Time for Yourself

    The first place to start is to ensure that you carve out time that is just for yourself. That time shouldn’t be filled with your weekly chores, errands, or catching up on work. The idea is that you dedicate it to a hobby, passion, or something that brings you joy and has that playful aspect to it. 

    In the beginning, it may take you actively blocking out time in your schedule to ensure that you give yourself the time, but the more you get used to it, the easier it will be to take that time for yourself.

    Take Part in Team Sports

    Nothing says having fun and living like a kid quite like joining a team sport with friends. If you were ever on a team as a child, then you know just how important it was, how much joy it brought, and how it allowed you to get all that energy and stress out in a healthy and active way. 

    Even if you don’t want to join an organized sports league, there is nothing wrong with getting friends together in a group and throwing around a football, playing a game of soccer, or a game of softball. It’s all about being with friends and having a good time.

    Start a “Toy” Collection

    For those who think toy collections are just for kids, it’s time to think again. With today’s huge selection of options, it’s best to refer to them as collectibles rather than just toys. Let’s face it, you won’t be playing with them; instead, you’ll be displaying them and taking joy in the collection you build.

    So, what makes for a good toy collection? Figurines from your favorite movie, game, comic book series or book series are always a great place to start. Take Overwatch figurines as a great example, which are all based on the popular team-based multiplayer video game. It gives a nod to two playful collections and hobbies at once – gaming and collecting. 

    Tap into Your Creative Side

    Kids are also notorious for being creative and having the ability to really think outside the box. It can be wonderfully freeing and great for your mind and body. Any way that you can tap into your creative side will help you to live more playfully. This could include taking an art class, creating fabulous dishes in the kitchen, sewing, taking up photography, or any other creative hobby.

    Throw the Schedule Away

    Finally, you may want to consider throwing that schedule away and start living in the moment a bit more. Sure, that’s not 100% at all times, but outside of work whenever possible, just let yourself be free to live in that exact moment, make choices at that moment, and follow your heart.

    You’re on Your Way to a Playful Adulthood

    By following these tips, you’ll find you are well on your way to living a more playful adulthood which is sure to spill over into all aspects of your life in a positive way.

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