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    6 Good Reasons To Have A Coffee Area In Your Workplace

    6 Good Reasons To Have A Coffee Area In Your Workplace

    Having a coffee area in an office is something we have come to expect.

    There is, however, a reason for why we have coffee areas in our offices, and it is not just some great coincidence that every office has one.

    Coffee areas can improve productivity, efficiency, and are something that every office must-have.

    However, it is important to mention that excessive levels of caffeine can be very damaging to your employee’s bodies and brains. Limit the amount of coffee they can drink for the sake of their health and performance.

    Here are six good reasons to have a coffee area in your workplace.


    If, in the past, you may have had trouble finding reasons why a coffee area is essential to your office, look no further than here. By deciding to click on this link, you will now know the many benefits of having a coffee area in your office.

    Coffee contains caffeine, which is a naturally occurring stimulant.

    Caffeine in moderation can improve productivity and boost the efficiency of your employees. If however, as mentioned in the introduction, your employees drink too much coffee, their performance can be hindered.

    It is important you only allow them to drink in moderation, and this way, their productivity will only be affected positively. Coffee can motivate your employees to work harder after a lack of sleep or a long day and can promote a positive working attitude and motivate them to get their work done as efficiently and quickly as possible.


    A coffee room is a great way to motivate your employees to socialize with one another.

    Your employees mingling and getting to know one another is a fantastic way to improve the quality of the work that they do and create a more harmonious and positive working environment.

    If they have friends at the office, they will be able to help one another with work and will want to continue coming into work even if they dislike the job. Your offices making friends with one another is a very powerful tool in maintaining your employees.


    It is very easy, in any job, for employees to become overwhelmed and stressed out.

    A coffee room is a quiet reflective zone your employees can go between tasks or on breaks to take a deep breath and unwind. Having a reflection zone is essential to promoting a good working environment.

    If you see that your employees are becoming stressed out, then ask them if they want to go into the reflective zone. Provide your employees with ten-minute de-stress sessions if they look as if they are getting overwhelmed. As coffee is a natural stress reliever, it is only natural to have the reflective zone be next to the coffee machines!


    Coffee is a natural antioxidant, and drinking coffee in moderation, in combination with a healthy diet, is very good for our overall health.

    If you want an innovative way to promote a healthy lifestyle in your office, then a coffee room may well be for you.

    You can also offer healthy snacks in your coffee room as a great way to further address the issue of healthy living and a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to put up signs around the room stressing the importance of drinking coffee in moderation as opposed to excessively.


    A coffee room can directly impact the mood of your employees (positively).

    A coffee room gives them an area to go, as previously mentioned, to reflect, socialize, and chill out. Having an area that is designed entirely for the employees, in the office, where no work is mentioned, is a great way to improve your employee’s overall mood.

    A coffee room can make your employees look forward to coming into work and look forward to having their morning coffee. They may even come in earlier just to drink the office-provided coffee and snacks!


    While it may seem absurd, hot drinks provided in an office can actually help your employees to feel that they are valued.

    According to a survey conducted in 2008, 61% of employees felt that their employer cared about them when they provided a coffee area and complimentary coffee and snacks.

    Now you know six reasons why a coffee room can benefit your office. Waste no time in setting one up, as it is clear from the previous points that a coffee room can improve productivity and boost your employees’ work rate.

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