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    6 Habits To Stop In Order To Control An Acne Problem

    6 Habits To Stop In Order To Control An Acne Problem

    Everyone has to endure acne breakouts every now and then, particularly if you have oily skin.

    Acne-prone skin can be dreadful to deal with, as it affects our skin’s appearance and our self-esteem.

    While there are frequent debates on how to treat acne, we should shift our focus to what we’re doing wrong. There are some common habits that you could unknowingly be making that are hindering your attempts to get rid of acne.

    Here are six habits you have to stop to control your acne problem better.

    Applying Acne Ointment on Blemishes Only

    Most people believe they should apply a product only to the affected area. However, this fails to prevent further breakouts as you must treat your skin as a whole. Acne medication must be part of your daily skin-care routine; otherwise, the rest of your skin will suffer the same fate. So, even if you are prone to acne on your forehead, make sure to apply the ointment evenly around your face.

    Constantly Trying Different Acne Treatments

    Most tend to give up on a product before it has had enough time to make any significant changes. Constantly switching up products will only prolong your acne problem, as no treatment will have the chance to heal your skin. And if that happens, you might want to try out Dermavel for acne scars to go away.

    To preempt your skin’s suffering from the constant changes, the beauticians at suggest proceeding with quality research before purchasing any acne medication. That way, you can review the product before buying it to ensure that it is effective. By doing so, you can avoid the restlessness that comes with waiting, and you’ll be patient enough to allow it to work its magic.

    Using Products That Trigger Acne-Prone Skin

    Many people fail to do thorough research on the products they apply to their skin, and many are not educated on the appropriate ingredients. Some makeup,  hair, and skin-care products can be causing your acne. So, eliminate the acne-inducing ingredients in food and beauty products to ensure they are skin-safe. Also, always look for makeup, sunscreens, and other face creams that are labeled with “won’t clog pores” or “non-comedogenic.” This will reduce the frequency of breakouts.

    Sleeping With Makeup

    We are all pretty well-versed in this notion, yet this bad habit still gets the best of many people. If you wear makeup on any given day, then you must make sure that you take it off before you go to bed. Leaving makeup overnight is the quickest way to clog pores and trigger acne breakouts – even if the makeup is non-comedogenic.

    Drying Out Your Skin

    Many people dry out their skin as a measure to prevent acne breakouts. This is actually counterproductive. You see, drying out your skin by excessively washing it or using harsh scrubs will irritate your skin, causing more acne problems. Always be gentle on your skin, and remember that moisturizer is your skin’s best friend and one of the best ways to prevent acne.

    Popping Acne Breakouts 

    Last but not least, stop popping your pimples. You are pushing the dead skin cells and bacteria deeper into your skin, so resist the temptation and stick to acne medications to clear your skin.

    If your acne breakouts are occurring far more frequently than they should, it’s advised to visit a dermatologist to identify the underlying issue. In addition to that, cutting these six habits will have positive effects on your skin. Most importantly, do your due diligence when it comes to seeking the right acne treatment by doing some research before buying any products.

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