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    6 Species Of Reptiles That Are The Easiest To Take Care Of

    6 Species Of Reptiles That Are The Easiest To Take Care Of

    Interested in keeping reptiles? Unlike furry pets like cats and dogs, reptiles usually have very dry skin that is often covered with horny plates or scales.

    There are different types of creatures that belong to this category, and many can be kept as pets. However, some are dangerous, and others may be difficult to keep.

    Here are 6 species of reptiles that are the easiest to take care of at home.

    1. Tortoise

    As you probably already know, tortoises are one of the longest living reptiles, which means that they can be with your family for generations. There are different types of tortoises, most of which can live for more than 50 years. These reptiles can survive extreme temperatures, and they are the easiest to take care of. A tortoise is resilient, and it can live in a simple enclosure without the need for any fancy equipment. This creature requires a diet of leafy and fibrous greens.

    2. Leopard Gecko 

    The leopard Gecko boasts an attractive grin that makes it an exciting creature to play with. Professional breeders from Reptile.Guide explains that leopard geckos are easy to tame, and they also have few care requirements. This species is popular among people of different age groups since they do not bite, and they are also slow movers. These characteristics make them ideal pets for reptile enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.

    These lizards are docile, and they can live between 6 and 10 years. They are also quite affordable to keep and care for in the long run since the bulk of the money goes to upfront payments for habitat and equipment. You can get healthy leopard geckos from reputable breeders. These reptiles survive on a diet that consists of mealworms, waxworms, and super worms. They can also go for days without eating, though most breeders will feed them daily.

    3. Bearded Dragon

    A bearded dragon is another type of reptile that is easy to keep as a pet. You need a 50-gallon tank for an adult lizard of this type. The reptiles need constant exposure to UVA and UVB light, so you need to purchase a light that can provide that and install it over their habitat. This lizard is the same as the alligator lizard and is entertaining and easy to care for,. However, the setup and installation of habitat can cost more than other reptiles. The diet of the bearded dragon consists of insects, fresh fruits, and vegetables. This pet can grow large, and it is docile, which makes it easy to handle.

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    4. Corn Snake

    A corn snake makes a wonderful choice of a pet because it is very easy to care for, and it also has a mild temperament. The pet has unique skin with a beautiful pattern. The snake has a thin body, can grow up to 5 feet long, and it lives for about 15 to 20 years. The habitat for the corn snake is a versatile 20-gallon fish tank, and you can provide artificial light using a simple household bulb. However, if it gets sufficient light from the sun during the day, then no need to mount a bulb in its habitat. The corn snake only needs feeding every couple of days, so you can be out of town without needing someone to watch your pet.

    5. Aquatic Turtles

    Turtles are other ideal pets that are easy to keep. The biggest expense that you should expect is when you are building their habitat. However, some turtles have no aquatic requirements, and they can adapt to different climates, allowing you to forgo the water portion of the tank. These reptiles are omnivores that eat both insects and plants. Turtles can live for a long time, but they do not exceed the lifespan of tortoises.

    6. Green Anoles

    Green anoles are small, fun, and they are also very active lizards. Handling these reptiles is not advisable because of their skittish nature, and they can easily escape. They are entertaining to watch when you get up close. The reptiles require a diet of live insects. However, these creatures have fast metabolisms even though they are small in size. This means that they require regular feeding. Maintaining higher humidity is vital if you live in a dry area.

    Reptiles can make good pets, depending on the type that you choose. However, it is vital to select a reptile that is easy to look after. You can do this by considering the following requirements: diet, habitat, health requirements, and average lifespan. You should try to choose creatures that have a mild temperament or are generally harmless if you are a beginner. If you are thinking of keeping reptiles for breeding, you should consult reputable breeders first.


    • Martalias
      August 6, 2021

      Something to keep in mind with bearded dragons, if not handled often, they might start acting more territorial and aggressive.

    • CaimanCorner
      March 6, 2022

      Something to keep in mind about aquatic turtles is, their filter tends to clog easy and the cage is 10 gallons of water for every inch of its shell. They also tend to smell pretty bad.

    • Henry Larry
      March 26, 2024

      Appreciate the insights shared here. I never realized how diverse and manageable reptile pets could be. Thinking of going for a bearded dragon seems like they are both entertaining and low maintenance.
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