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    7 Easy Ways To Make Drinking Water Even Healthier

    7 Easy Ways To Make Drinking Water Even Healthier

    Proper hydration is important, and it can improve the quality of our lives.

    Although the majority of us are already familiar with the myriad of benefits of staying hydrated, not all of us drink enough water throughout the day. This can negatively affect our bodily functions, and cause everything from headaches to extreme fatigue.

    Read on to learn more about seven easy ways that can convince you to drink more water.

    1. Purifying well water

    People can start to purify well water to enjoy fresh and pure drinking water every day. It is groundwater that is untouched by man and hasn’t been through the chlorination process at all. However, some wells need to be inspected to measure the quality of it because some well water might have high levels of iron in them.

    You need to be sure that the water in the well is safe to drink because any type of contamination from the source or high levels of iron would need to be purified. When you set up the pump and connect it to your home’s main water pipe, you need to have a filtration system that can separate all the iron or possible bacteria in the water before it enters your home.

    If you do need to filter out iron, check out this review for the best iron filters on the market.

    2. Filtered tap water 

    Tap water is rarely clean in most regions, but you can fix that with a strong filter that keeps the water pure and safe for you and your family. Tap water can have several types of contaminants that can be dangerous, such as nitrates, phosphate, barium, or chlorine.

    Advice from the water purification specialists on this useful site suggests that a reverse osmosis filter system can remove any unwanted and harmful particles in the water. This can be beneficial because it allows you to make sure that your tap water is healthy and clean enough to drink safely.

    3. Detox water

    Another way to make your drinking water healthier is by turning it into detox water. This is when you get a pitcher, add in some mint springs, slice some cucumbers and lemon, then mix it all together and let it infuse. This interesting way of drinking water has several health benefits that include better digestive health, better moods, higher energy levels, and it can help you lose some weight. You can try different variations with fruit slices too. This is very appealing, and it could convince numerous people to try the detox water method. 

    4. Hydrogenated water 

    Having a refreshing glass of hydrogenated water from Water and Wellness is an effective and easy way to drink healthy water. It can help boost your body’s immune system, reduce inflammation, speed up the cellular repair process, and improve your digestion. You just need a decent water ionizer device to add more hydrogen molecules to your water.

    5. Electrolyte water

    You can add extra concentrated elements in your water for extra electrolytes. This is good for athletes, and for working out in general. The body might need a quick way to replenish it.

    It is also a nice remedy if you’re severely dehydrated. However, electrolyte water is normally only healthy for athletes and people who go to the gym because the extra electrolytes can be added as sugar or salts in the water.  

    6. Sparkling water

    The sparkling type of water is infused with healthy minerals. This shouldn’t be confused with the type of carbonated water that has carbon dioxide. Sparkling water has potassium, calcium, and magnesium minerals. It gives you a pure and healthy taste, and is a better alternative to sodas and sugar-filled soft drinks.

    7. Alkaline water

    You can get alkaline water that has an optimal drinking level of 9.5 pH. This type of water has reduced viscosity, and antioxidants that can protect the body. This type of alkaline water can also improve your blood circulation tremendously. It is also known to help people with high levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels. It’s extremely healthy because it can help prevent several infections and degenerative diseases. 

    The human body can never survive without a clean source of water. Water can improve your performance and productivity every day, while dehydration can impair many of your bodily functions, cause severe headaches and fatigue, and lead to kidney stones, which in turn cause fevers, infections, and extreme pain.

    Drinking enough clean water can prevent that from happening. Hopefully, the healthy ways listed above can convince you to drink enough water every day. If you are still having trouble consuming 8 cups a day, consider buying a reusable bottle made from stainless steel or glass and take it with you wherever you go. This will help ensure that you get the recommended dose of H2O.

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