American Dream In The Eyes of College Students

    Many see the American dream as a way to improve our lives.

    This can include improving things like financial success, health, freedom, the ability to do whatever makes us happy, and more. Depending on what we want out of life, the American dream can have various meanings for everyone.

    This is part of the reason why college and the American Dream are closely tied together, as one depends on the other. Understanding the meaning of this topic is important for many. Thankfully, many students share their opinion through argumentative essays on the American dream giving much food for thought for everyone interested in understanding more. These free essays that anyone can use to learn and discover more on the topic are easy to find. Sometimes it’s interesting to see what other people strive for.

    What Do Students Think of the American Dream?

    For most, the American Dream isn’t what it used to be 10 or 20 years ago. This is completely fine, as it is normal to want different things in life and change your perspective on certain matters. One can call something the American Dream until they’ve achieved it, and then go on to pursuing another goal. Having said that, let’s discuss the different things college students can expect from life and the future.

    Different Meanings of the American Dream

    More Opportunities in Life

    When asked what is your American Dream, many students like to refer to the ability to have more opportunities to choose from in life. This can also mean a few things, as American culture is not only about money. Mostly, the opportunities both college students and many others would expect are good education and job positions. If we follow this trail, it leads to money and financial freedom.

    Financial Freedom

    What is financial freedom? It’s the comfort of knowing you don’t have to worry about money 24/7. This doesn’t have to mean earning millions annually, as different people are satisfied with different amounts. For many students having a decent paycheck every month can be considered financial freedom. And when students are asked about their dreams, financial freedom takes first place in their essays.

    Comfort and Safety

    Knowing that you live in a safe place where you don’t have to worry about any kind of trouble can also be defined as a part of the concept, according to many students. This doesn’t just refer to the Americans, as you’d probably agree that it’s something most of us wish for. This part of the dream means that people shouldn’t have to struggle for safety like it was during wars. It’s not just these things, although they are great examples of what students relate to when thinking about the topic.

    The American Dream can represent many things. Usually, this is something an individual strives for. It may be money, success, health, safety, and several different features, and basically, this term consists of many material and non-material elements.


    When students talk about freedom, this usually relates to having privacy and more rights. These rights refer to social liberalism. A few examples may include same-sex marriage, abortion rights, and more. Living the American Dream for them means that they would see tolerance for such things. Another example of what type of freedom we’re talking about includes the protection of their private property. This is one factor many feel strongly about, especially in American society.

    Does the American Dream Still Exist?

    As relative as everything else about it is, this is another topic that depends on the person. Those who haven’t achieved their dream will say that it does not exist. It won’t matter if they previously believed in it or not. On the other hand, someone who has achieved it or is working and getting closer to their dreams becoming a reality every day, they will never deny that the American Dream exists.

    It’s easy to let one failure disappoint you. The more times you fail, the more likely people are to give up. From what we’ve seen, college students are just beginning their journey, the first step being finishing school and moving on to the next part of their dream life.

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