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    Need To Get Out? Try Golfing

    Need To Get Out? Try Golfing

    The worldwide pandemic has affected most of everybody on earth.

    We used to just go out and do things – shop, eat, see movies, etc – without a second thought. Now, before we go do just about anything we’ve got to call ahead, make sure wherever we are going is open, and get the protocols they are following. Many activities that are staples in the United States, such as going to a movie or a play, are simply non-existent at the moment.

    Additionally, fear of catching COVID-19 makes many of us inclined to simply stay at home, regardless of how restless we are or how much our kids complain. It appears as though social distancing and wearing masks are the two biggest things we can do when we leave our homes to make sure we are safe and that we aren’t spreading the virus to others. And if you want to get together with a group of friends, there just aren’t that many things you can do while staying socially distant and wearing masks.

    One activity that can easily be done while keeping everybody involved safe is golf. Golf is a great way to get out of the house and spend quality time in the outdoors.

    It’s also very easy to stay and keep others safe, is a great way to spend time together with friends and family, and comes with additional health benefits.

    Staying Safe

    I mentioned that social distancing and wearing masks are two very important things you can do to help make sure you and others stay safe. It just so happens that social distancing is deeply entrenched in golf etiquette. Proper etiquette dictates that you do not play your ball until the group in front of you is two shots ahead of you. And you should always stand a good 10 feet away from anybody in your group who is taking a shot. Not only is there a risk of getting hit during his or her swing if you are too close, but it can also be very distracting to the player taking a shot if others are standing too close. AAs long as there is one player per golf cart, social distancing in golf is not only easy, much of the time it happens naturally.

    Additionally, using a remote golf push cart can further promote social distancing on the course. With a remote golf push cart, you can easily maneuver your clubs and equipment without the need for close physical contact with others. This ensures a safer and more enjoyable golfing experience while maintaining the recommended distance.

    Paying for your round and the golf cart are the only real threats during a golf outing. Make sure you wear your mask when making payment inside of the clubhouse and wash or sanitize your hands after paying. Most businesses take the safety of their customers very seriously, so it’s likely the case that golf carts are being thoroughly sanitized between every use. Regardless, bring a couple of sanitizer wipes and wipe down the steering wheel as well as any other parts of the golf cart you might be inclined to touch with your hands.

    Additional Health Benefits

    Getting out in the sun is very good for our bodies because it is one of the best all-natural ways for us to get much needed vitamin D, especially during a time in history when most people are staying in their homes for weeks and months at a time. Most people are vitamin D deficient, even though vitamin D provides a whole bunch of benefits to our body. In particular, vitamin D plays a significant role in building up our immune system and keeping it strong. When is a more important time than now, when a potentially deadly disease is rummaging through the world, to have a strong immune system?

    Being in the outdoors, breathing fresh air, and spending time with friends and family are great ways to clear the mind, empty the stress bucket, and be little bit happier and kinder. The world, and the United States in particular, could use a little more happiness and kindness right about now!


    Golf is an activity that anybody can enjoy, and huge variations in skill levels don’t hinder anybody involved from being able to play their best (or worst) without affecting the other players. It’s an enjoyable activity, and remaining safe – which is often the top priority – is very easy to do without taking away from the enjoyment of the game itself. If you have been itching to get out of the house, you might try getting out on the golf course. You may just fall in love with the sport!

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