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    How To Make Sure Your Car Is Working Properly

    How To Make Sure Your Car Is Working Properly

    You know how it feels when you start your car, and it sounds like a race car, which is not its usual sound.

    You crank up the stereo and drive off, only to find out later that your muffler is hanging from a few threads.

    What happened? It’s simple. Those sounds you heard were not the normal sounds of your car; they were warning signs that something was wrong with it. If you let those problems go, the next step is generally a repair bill for thousands of dollars, all because you failed to make sure your car is working properly.

    Now what? You need to know how to make sure your car is working properly, and that is what would be discussed in this article. Keep reading to learn more.

    Inspect The Tires

    This is among the easiest things you can do to make sure your car is working properly. When was the last time you checked the pressure levels? It’s recommended that you check once a month or before driving long distances, but it all depends on how often you drive. For those who are not aware of what this means, ask someone for help or read for yourself. You will need a pressure gauge to check the amount of air in your tires.

    There are other things you should do as well, like checking the tire treads and replacing them when necessary. Also important is the need to reach professionals for trusted windshield installations when it needs replacement. Whether it’s the tire that’s worn out, a windshield that’s broken, or a fuel pump that’s faulty, faults need to be repaired immediately. It is not worth putting your life at risk by driving around on unsafe tires.

    Check The Battery

    It is a good idea to make sure your car battery works properly as well. When was the last time you actually looked at it? It might be a rusty mess, corroded and dirty.  That is how batteries tend to look after about four or five years. You can clean it with baking soda and water, make sure the fluid levels are at the right heights and if it still doesn’t work properly then you need a new battery. If there are corrosion problems, make sure you fix them as well.

    Check The Fluids

    Underneath your hood is a place that contains fluid levels to help make sure your car is working properly. There are a variety of fluids, all with different purposes and names. It is a good idea to open the hood every month or so and check them at least once a year. You want to make sure they are up to the proper levels.

    If they are below half, then you need to add more; if they are above the line, then you need to replace them. It is important that fluid levels are where they should be for a car to run properly.

    Test The Lights

    You should know that headlights and taillights are important on a car, so you want to make sure they work properly before driving the vehicle or heading out at night. There are many lights on your car, but checking them is easy to do if you know what you are looking for. For headlights, turn on your high beams inside the garage. Look at the beams and see how they shine.

    Keep going through your normal lights, high beams, and finally your parking lights. This way you can compare them with one another to make sure they work properly. Do this for both headlights as well as taillights.

    Inspect The Brakes

    You should also inspect the brakes to make sure they are working properly. If you are not sure how to do this, then ask someone for help or read the manual that came with your car. You want to look at the pads and see if they are in good condition. Maintaining your brake pads is one of the most important parts of making sure your car is working properly.

    The outside brake pads wear down more frequently than the inside ones, so make sure you inspect them at least twice a year or when they need to be replaced.

    Wheel Alignment

    Another thing you can do to make sure your car is working properly is to check the wheel alignment. Every six months or so, take it into a shop and have them check it for you. You can easily do this yourself though by driving to an empty parking lot and driving in circles at five miles per hour. Look down at the alignment of your wheels, and if they are not all lined up then the car needs to go in for a wheel alignment.

    If you take the time to perform these simple maintenance tasks, your car will be in great shape and won’t need so many repairs. This is a good thing because it means less money spent on gas for unnecessary trips to the mechanic or tow truck.

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