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    Pact: The Donation Subscription Service That Powers Progressive Organizations

    Pact: The Donation Subscription Service That Powers Progressive Organizations

    This summer saw more corporate dollars donated to national social justice organizations than ever before.

    While a testament to the importance and urgency of social justice, these large-scale donations often overlook the organizations making real change in the community.

    Inspired by the growing interest in donating to organizations making the world a safer, more equitable place, a collective of six womxn in Brooklyn and Austin created Pact to simplify the donation process for individuals and introduce folks to the grassroots organizations that are driving real, on-the-ground impact in their communities.

    Pact is a donation collective on a mission to get more money into the hands of high-impact, grassroots organizations. Pact donors simply sign up to donate either $3, $10 or $25 a month. These contributions are then collected into a single fund and donated to one organization each month.

    How does the subscription work?

    • Users sign up to give each month with whichever giving amount ($3, $10, or $25) they feel most comfortable contributing. 
    • Pact combines all contributions to donate one lump sum to a new nonprofit each month.

    Pact selects this nonprofit based on timely need, independent research, and input from community leaders.

    At the end of each month, Pact sends a newsletter detailing how much was raised, where the money went, and how it’s being used by the selected organization.

    How does Pact select which nonprofit to give to each month?

    Pact selects high-impact organizations that take an intersectional approach, giving to those that have a focus on diversity and gender empowerment, even if it is not their primary mission (e.g. climate change can be their primary mission, as long as they show strong involvement in diversity and gender empowerment as well).

    The causes Pact supports focus on Racial Equity, BIPOC, LGBTQIA*, Gender Equality, the Environment, Animal Rights, and Humanitarian Relief among others.

    Organizations Pact supports are:

    • Timely: Their work meets a current and urgent need.
    • Progressive: They are making strides for a better, more equal future. 
    • Intersectional: They protect the most vulnerable in each community.
    • Grassroots: Their organization is doing the work on the ground. 
    • Small: They are small in size but mighty in heart (and impact).

    The team 

    Pact was created in early 2020 to help communities in NYC hit hardest by the global pandemic. Their team has grown from two to six in just a couple of months and are now serving diverse communities across the country.

    The collective is made up of a multi-racial, all-womxn group operating remotely out of Brooklyn, NY and Austin, TX.

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