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    Suggestions That Could Improve UK’s Education System From The Experts

    Suggestions That Could Improve UK’s Education System From The Experts

    With globalization and economic growth, debates have been going on about improving the education system for better achievements among the stakeholders.

    England’s education system is known for its popularity in English-medium international schools. 

    The system has continued to expand in the recent past but there are still some loopholes that need to be addressed. With improvement, the pupils and policymakers can achieve education goals and make England can attain a “world-class standard.”

    Below are suggestions on how to improve the education system in England.

    Quality of teaching

    This factor is a major pain point in the current education system. Well-educated and qualified teachers find school jobs unfulfilling and are not motivated enough to do their best. Moreover, some of them prefer working for a professional dissertation writing service like, even full-time. The reason is – teachers don’t feel valued at their traditional workplace.

    For schools to attain and sustain world-class status, it is important to embrace top talent in the teaching profession. Policies should be put in place to ensure proper recruitment and sustainability of the teaching staff. Weak recruitment and lack of retention characterized by frequent turnover rates can drain the quality of teaching in schools and colleges due to constant education disruptions. Students can use websites like academic help websites like studyfy for additional resources and services. 

    Recruiting good teachers is not enough; steps should be taken to raise the entry bar into the profession. Improved teacher quality may require investing in those who are already engaged in schools through constant training and development to minimize turnover. Investment in teachers should take a different form from the development that the teachers attained under the traditional education system. 

    A case, for example, is the use of online writing services, study tools and apps and online courses. Teachers need to build a mindset where they are able to prepare themselves and also the students to embrace technology with ease. A notable mention here will be of, a leading assignment writing service with native writers on its rolls provides essay writing help to students who need external help to perform optimally in the college or university. An essay writing service is trusted by the students and teachers alike and it is the entire system that should promote its use.

    Coherent sequencing of subject curricula

    The quality of teaching should always be integrated with the curriculum. Failure in curriculum leads to failure in teaching, thereby affecting the overall education system. The ineffectiveness of teaching may be a clear indication of poor design of the curricula sequences. England’s education system calls for a careful design of the sequence in which various subjects are taught, like what happens in studying Star Wars movies where order and sequence are strictly adhered to.

    A qualified teacher may not necessarily qualify to be a curriculum developer. The schools may need to engage experts to decide on time allocation per subject and provide accountability and quality assurance over curriculum decisions. One of the best ways of improving the sequencing of the curriculum is by using subjects, where substantial time allocation is clearly considered with a focus on learning programs. 

    Leadership improvement and benchmarking

    Leadership has a great impact on the way schools are run and can influence staff turnover among overall employees. The governing bodies in schools should be strong in benchmarking leadership and culture against what is expected. If the best schools can manage to succeed against the odds, then all other schools should also follow suit. 

    School leadership can be described in terms of having an ambitious vision and an empowerment culture. Improving school leadership can help in defining the roadmap to success and create a sense of commitment to excellence. This may help to improve the academic performance among learners or narrow the gap between the less disadvantaged learners and the poorest ones. It may also lower the staff turnover at all levels and improve parent satisfaction.

    Consistent enforcement of behavior systems

    The education system should be designed in such a way that it can develop a person as a whole, right from academic excellence and overall behavior. Behavior systems also need to be improved among the members of staff as well. Disruptive behavior generally makes it difficult for teachers to discharge their duties, thereby disrupting learning. 

    One of the most common causes of misbehavior is a lack of consistency in enforcing consequences. It is important to be consistent in instilling discipline among the school stakeholders and ensuring accountability for any wrongdoing. The overall education system could be improved through national accountability to encourage senior staff to be responsible for any wrongdoing that disrupts learning in schools.

    Additionally, the policymakers need to develop simple and clear guidelines for top leadership in regard to behavior management.

    Improving assessment

    Assessment remains a complex but very important issue in schools at all levels and should be geared towards supporting learning and flagging up the intervention. There have been cases of students leaving school illiterate, which has been attributed to the assessment system. In England, pupils who are left behind are allowed to move on, making schools produce “half-baked” graduates. 

    The education system can be improved by flagging up the assessment system systematically by giving weak kids extra intervention. Such assessment systems may play a role in helping teachers to improve learning. There should be a clear focus on accountability and strict adherence to bureaucracy for better results.


    Education is a continuous process calling for a constant, deliberate, and consistent review of the critical success factors. Indeed, the achievement of daily education goals plays a role in enhancing the achievement of long term goals. The stakeholders should take a top position to work together in their respective institutions to improve the education system. 

    Author’s Bio:

    Vendy Adams works for a publishing firm as the marketing manager. She started her career as a writer but soon transitioned to a new profile. She still writes as a freelance writer for an academic writing service that provides thesis and dissertation. In her free time, she loves brewing coffee, sitting on the balcony and reading novels and magazines. 


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