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    The Importance Of Proper Pickleball Attire: What To Wear On The Court

    The Importance Of Proper Pickleball Attire: What To Wear On The Court

    It’s safe to say that pickleball has well and truly taken the nation by storm and has become an exceedingly popular way for many to have fun and get fit simultaneously.

    However, while you can certainly start playing casually with only the most basic of equipment, sooner or later, you will need to update your inventory to include more pickleball-suitable attire if you want to up your game and beat your friends into oblivion!

    1. Use the Correct Store Before Making a Purchase

    Before you decide to perform your usual buying ritual of jumping onto Amazon and searching for pickleball clothing, it’s a good idea to consider what you are buying for. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill sport where you can purchase some kind of gear that appeals to the mass market. Pickleball is a far more niche sport requiring you to choose a dedicated store if you want to get the most bang for your buck. Purchasing your pickleball apparel and accessories from and other similarly dedicated stores means you will end up with far higher quality stuff that will not merely last longer but be better suited for the actual game. Because dedicated retailers live and breathe the sports they operate in, it is also more likely that you will speak with someone who knows the sport when you need to contact them, rather than a random, uninterested sales associate (no hate, we’ve all been there, but it’s much nicer to ask questions to somebody who plays the sport themselves).

    2. Dress for Comfort and Mobility

    Despite its rather peculiar name, pickleball is a highly physical sport that is loved in part because of the physicality involved and the sweat you can work up during a game. Consequently, you really should be investing in a geat that enables you to remain comfortable without impeding your mobility. Outfits that restrict movement or cause the dreaded chaffing to distract from the fun and sportsmanship of the match. Sensible fabrics like breathable cotton avoid overheating, while attire that allows for a little stretch means you won’t be hundred during a last-minute lunge for the win.

    3. Don’t Forget Supportive Shoes

    Proper footwear is a vital element of pickleball attire that, while not typically overlooked, can end up being bought for price rather than quality. The ball’s rapid movements and unpredictable bounces put plenty of dress on players’ feet and support systems, meaning you should invest a decent amount in procuring the right sneakers. Those who underestimate the importance of their footwear may find themselves sidelined with pain or injury before the first set is through. Not only can the right shoes help players stay in the game, but they can also prevent costly medical bills (particularly for older players) and time lost on the court.

    4. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Socks

    A critical yet often overlooked element of pickleball attire is the humble sock. While not as flashy as a custom-printed polo or high-tech shorts, the right socks can make or break a player’s on-court experience. Blisters, hot spots, and slipping within shoes are all too common for those who take their socks for granted. Just as supportive shoes prevent injury, comfortable moisture-wicking socks spare feet from friction and irritation.

    Pickleball is a tremendously enjoyable game, as is evidenced by the sheer number of folks trying it out. However, if you fail to select the correct garments, you could end up in a heap of pain and discomfort.

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