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    The Pros and Cons Of Different Sleep Positions

    The Pros and Cons Of Different Sleep Positions

    For you, what is the best sleeping position? Is it sleeping on your back? On your belly? On one side? Or just a combination of it all on different nights?

    We all sleep and have our sleeping positions we are most comfortable in. Our sleeping position affects the quality of our sleep and has effects on our body posture. Some may think that body posture is all about standing straight and sitting right, but for a better back posture, sleeping in the right position could help.

    Getting enough sleep is vital for us to be healthy. Having a good quality sleep can also improve our mental health, psychological well-being, and the quality of our lives. In reality, we all want a good sleep regardless of our sleeping position, but little do we know that our sleeping position has different pros and cons. Read below to learn more about this:

    Pros and Cons of Side Sleeping

    Side sleeping is by far one of the best sleeping positions for improving health. This sleeping position is ideal for people who experience lower back pain, neck pain, and loud snoring. People who struggle with sleep apnea could find sleeping on their side helps in improving their sleep. Also, pregnant women are advised to sleep on their sides since it makes the blood circulate better for the fetus and the mother.

    Sleeping on one side is already great, but matching it with the perfect mattress to sleep on would make it perfect! Sleeping on old mattresses could give rise to unwanted allergies and coughs. To help you look for the best mattress for side sleepers, you could learn more on News Week.

    On the contrary, the cons of side sleeping are that blood in your arm on the side where you are sleeping doesn’t circulate too well from the pressure of your body’s weight. As a result, this could result in shoulder pain. Furthermore, it could create facial wrinkles since one side of your face lies on the pillow. Not only that, women sleeping on one side could have saggy breasts. It’s because they sleep in a position where their breasts are leaning downward.

    Pros and Cons of Stomach Sleeping

    This sleeping position is commonly referred to as the prone position. There are not many pros of sleeping in your stomach, but one is that it’s good for those people who suffer snoring and breathing problems.

    But, is it advisable to sleep on your stomach? The answer is no. Sleeping in your stomach creates a higher chance of getting back and neck pain. Your body’s weight in this position is centered, making you sink more in your mattress, making your head elevated in your pillow, and your limbs sinking.

    This position decreases your chance of having an improved quality of sleep and has long-term health consequences. There were instances that stomach sleepers complained of feeling hot and experiencing acid reflux. If this is your sleeping position, better try to change and improve it right away.

    Pros and Cons of Back Sleeping

    Sleeping on your back also has tons of pros. It helps promote better spine alignment and good for people experiencing muscle tightness. If you want to keep your skin look younger, sleeping on your back could help prevent unwanted acne and wrinkles from growing since your face does not touch the pillow. Those people who struggle with acid reflux reduce the chance of experiencing one since a pillow elevates your head. Thus, it prevents the stomach acid from going up to your esophagus.

    Although it poses some benefits, it is still not recommended for everyone. A few reasons are that it could worsen a person’s snoring, sleep apnea, and give rise to lower back pain. To help you ease lower back pain due to back sleeping, try elevating your knees by putting an extra pillow behind them.

    You can also browse and find the best anti snoring mouthpiece to help reduce this. Moreover, this position worsens symptoms of sleep apnea. People with severe cases are advised not to lie in this position.

    What mattresses are best for my sleep style?

    Various types of mattresses could either help or hinder us from having that most-wanted quality sleep. So, for side sleepers, consider getting a soft mattress. This type of mattress could help keep the spine aligned and help cushion your hips and shoulders as they receive much pressure when you sleep. But this does not apply to all since individuals who weigh heavier tend to dislike mattresses that cannot carry their weight.

    For stomach sleepers, opt for mattresses that are firm and avoid soft ones. Getting a medium-firm type of mattress helps you get that body support you need when you lie on your stomach and to prevent you from getting those unwanted body aches. Lastly, for back sleepers, consider getting a memory foam mattress or firm mattresses. This mattress is a combination of a foam layer that helps with the contouring and support foam. It helps in distributing your weight evenly on the, and it’s more comfortable to sleep on.


    Sleep is essential in a person’s life. Without proper rest, our body would not be able to re-energize, heal, and repair. Also, health problems such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and chronic pain syndrome could result from not having adequate amounts of sleep. People need to get at least seven to nine hours per day to perform tasks at their best.

    A night of good sleep is a good investment for your future, for it allows you to work better and live better. The above-mentioned sleeping positions could help you know what sleeping position you have and should adjust to. To improve your sleep quality, improve your sleeping position and mattresses too. Besides, you deserve a good night’s rest more than anything else.

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