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    Top 5 Goalkeepers of 2021

    Top 5 Goalkeepers of 2021

    The task of a goalkeeper is simple: to defend their goal from the opposing team.

    It’s true that they don’t always get the best highlights from replays, but they are the team’s most crucial player.

    Preventing the opposing team from making goals gives your team a chance to score back. As the old saying goes, “the best defense is a good offense,” if you have the best goalkeeper in the world, your team will win almost every single match.

    Pertaining back to the question, you can tell if a team has a great goalkeeper, if one of the most expensive goalkeepers in the entire league is on that team or if one of the top five goalkeepers in 2021 is on the squad. If you want to know who are the best goalkeepers in the league this 2021, we’ve produced a list of the goalkeepers who have won a spot among the top five best goalkeepers in the year 2021.

    1. Peter Gulasci

    First on the list is Gulasci, who is undoubtedly named as Germany’s best goalkeeper. His height, quickness, focus on his position, versatility, and a master in shot-stopper are the reasons why he is considered one of the best athlete goalkeepers in 2021. In addition, his save percentage of 68 percent is among the highest in the division among regular starters. Still, Leipzig’s best goals-against record is due as much to his organization and communication skills as it is to his stopping abilities.

    2. Keylor Navas

    For better or worse, Keylor Navas never seems to get the recognition he deserves. Despite being a member of the Real Madrid team that won three Champions League titles in a row from 2016 to 2018, the Costa Rican superstar has always had to work extra hard to be noticed.

    But, at the age of 34, Navas has proven to be a capable goalkeeper for PSG, keeping 32 clean sheets in 58 games across all competitions, making him the most outstanding goalie in the French top flight.

    3. Samir Handanović

    Since the beginning of the decade, Samir Handanovi showed one of the most consistent performances in football. The Slovenian, now at age 36, is well into his senior years but shows no signs of slowing down. Handanovi has 130 clean sheets in 371 appearances for Inter Milan in all competitions, proving that he is a consistent presence in Serie A year after year.

    4. Gigi Donnarumma

    Donnarumma might be the youngest goalkeeper on this list. At the early age of 21, he can compete to become the best goalkeeper in the world. His career started during Milan in 2015, making history as the second-youngest goalkeeper to make his Serie A debut at 16.

    After that, he quickly earned a reputation as possibly the most promising young goalkeeper in the world at the time. At 17 in March 2016, he set a new record as the most youthful Italy under-21 player ever to play. Then, after six months, he had his international senior debut that leads to earning the title of the youngest goalkeeper ever to appear in Italy.

    5. Jan Oblak

    Jan Oblak is still the gold standard in goalkeeping. As Atletico Madrid has led the league for the duration of the season, the Slovenian has conceded the fewest goals in La Liga.

    With an incredible 84.2 percent of efforts moved away from danger, the Slovenian has the best save percentage in the league. Strikers tremble in their boots when they come face to face with the 6ft2 custodian, who has a remarkable 75% penalty save ratio from four attempts.

    This list might not be agreeable to some people as we all have a different perspective on what we consider the best goalkeeper. However, given their statistics and based on their performance, I can say that the athletes on this list belong to the top 5 best goalkeepers in 2021.

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    Top 5 Goalkeepers of…

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