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    Want Younger Looking Skin? Here’s How

    Want Younger Looking Skin? Here’s How

    We are forever trying to enhance the way we look, there’s always something to be tried to make ourselves feel better.

    We cut our hair to the style we like, we change our clothes and wear something that’s either comfortable or that makes us feel confident, we even change our appearance through plastic surgery. One thing that’s far more common when it comes to looking after ourselves is the look of our skin. Everyone, when they reach a certain age, decides they want to look younger so start out on a journey trying to do so.

    There are many ways in which we can make our skin look and feel younger and that’s what we are going to discuss in the following article.


    Let’s start with the obvious one that many turn to when they believe there is nothing else that can be done. Botox is a drug that has been used for years to treat wrinkles and facial creases. It’s technically a brand name but it’s the one that everyone knows, it’s a toxin made by the bacterium “Clostridium botulinum”. There are others but as botox was the first, it tends to be what people know it by.

    It works by targeting the nervous system disrupting the nerve signaling process that stimulates muscle contraction. You start out by going to a botox clinic for a consultation and a discussion about what you want from the treatment. From there you can schedule some appointments where a small amount of botox is injected into your skin around the wrinkles and facial creases you want to go. This lasts up to 6 months and you’ll have to get another dose once that time is up.

    Facial Routine

    There are a million different products on the market that have the same job – to clean your face. Having a good facial routine every day is one thing that’s going to keep you looking younger for much longer. Getting rid of all makeup, sunscreen, and dirt at the end of the day will keep your face looking fresh and won’t allow any dirt or oils to penetrate through your pores and wreaking havoc.

    Find brands that work for you, we all have different skin and it’s important to know and understand that. Sensitive skin isn’t going to work well with an acidic product, in fact, it’s going to make it worse. You can ask a skin specialist for advice on what product is going to be best for you.

    Protect From The Sun

    To really keep yourself looking youthful it’s best to protect yourself from the sun as much as you can. Minimizing sun exposure is critical in this category. UVA radiation penetrates your skin and it damages collagen which is a protein that gives your skin it’s structure. It also messes around with how your skin likes to rebuild itself. This means it’s going to lead to wrinkles and facial creases as well as sunspots (also known as age spots). Using sunscreen is your best way to combat this. It’s been scientifically developed to stop UVA from harming our skin. If you’re in extreme weather though, always make sure to wear clothes that cover your skin and try to remain in the shade whilst the sun is at it’s hottest.

    Your Diet Matters

    Everyone is allowed to have a treat now and then so I wouldn’t worry if you’re in that category. Diet does, however, affect the way our skin looks and it’s all down to the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals contained within the food. We need a certain amount of these to stay healthy and as our skin is an organ, why wouldn’t it need just as much as the rest of us? Diets high in sugar can damage the collagen in your skin just the same as sunlight can so stay away from bad diets!

    Eating healthy, on the other hand, can help boost our skin’s health especially when eating a lot of plant-based food and food high in healthy fats as they supply the nutrients needed for healthy skin aging.

    What Not To Do

    Alcohol and cigarettes. There isn’t much else to be said about it, but if you want truly healthy skin that looks amazing then you’re going to have to avoid these two almost all the time. Alcohol is ok to have in moderation, maybe a glass of wine of an evening, but smoking is something you’ll have to cut out completely if you want your skin to stay looking youthful.

    On top of all of these, there are plenty of products you can use, moisturizing daily has shown positive effects on the aging of the skin and there are other treatments you can use. Be sensible with it, don’t have treatments every day because your skin needs time to recover.

    Stay away from the bad things and eat a healthy diet and you’re sure to look amazing all the way up until you’re 90.

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