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    What Magician Shows Look Like During The Pandemic

    What Magician Shows Look Like During The Pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world.

    People have lost their jobs, some schools remain closed and entertainment joints have also been negatively affected. The social distancing measures make it difficult for many people to congregate and enjoy watching their favorite magician shows.

    At the start of the pandemic, everyone was worried and most entertainers kept off the stage. We all thought the pandemic would end shortly after.  However, after major health warnings that the pandemic is here to stay, magician entertainers have sought ways to continue their work while abiding by the COVID-19 preventive measures.

    Magicians today market their shows online and even have their audience pay online to attend the shows. This is what magician shows look like during the pandemic:

    Magician Shows Are Now Virtual

    Magicians currently do their magic online. There are so many online platforms that these magicians use to entertain their audience. The magicians inform their audience of the upcoming shows through several online platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

    The audience is informed of the registration procedure after which they can purchase their tickets and wait to enjoy the show. If you want to understand some of the platforms to host your magician shows click here, and anytime you want to watch a magician show, choose a magician that can perform virtually. The magician should use ideal virtual meeting platforms like zoom to enable the audience to interact with each other and the performer as the show continues. This way the audience can have the feeling they would have if they were physically present even when they are miles away from one another.

    No More Card Work

    Magicians before the pandemic enjoyed performing at schools and in crowded places. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this is no longer possible. You must have seen magicians use cards to show you how their magic works. But what happens when you can’t touch the cards? Today most magicians spend their time reinterpreting the classics of magic as opposed to asking people to touch cards and see what happens.

    Magicians have also embraced the use of computers, green screens and webcams, to create makeshift studios to better showcase their talents virtually. Today, magicians rely on camera angles, optical illusions, and different types of lighting to make their acts more believable.

    They Are More of Teaching Shows

    Since many children are at home after schools closed, the magicians have taken it upon themselves to teach children some magic. Magicians better perform and enjoy their work when they have a physically present audience. Remember magic is supposed to be felt and tested. Since this is quite a difficult thing to do online as the audience cannot touch and feel what the magician is doing, some magicians have found it a better time to teach magic.

    Today, most magic shows are more about how to perform magic and not about actual magic performances. As a way to bring in some income, magicians during the pandemic offer online magic classes and charge them accordingly while other classes are free.


    While before the pandemic you could walk into a theater and have your favorite magician entertain you, it is quite different during the pandemic. Today, you either watch your magician virtually or seek personalized entertainment. If you have a birthday party and you would want your kids to be entertained by their all-time magician, you need to book an appointment with your magician and have them come over to your home. You can do the same for your office parties. Magicians today have improvised mobile theatres, once they have an appointment, one simply carries their equipment and comes to your office or home. With this personalized arrangement you should however be prepared to spend some extra cash.

    At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the magic show industry was significantly affected just like many other entertainment sectors. However, with time, magicians have discovered the importance of virtual online shows as a way to give their audience a virtual reality of what is happening. Unlike previously when magicians used forms and physical touches to make you believe their magic, today, these magicians entirely rely on camera angles and optical illusions to make their performances a reality and not just some camera trickeries.

    Other magicians have also resorted to supplementing their earnings by offering online magic classes. Today many magician shows are personalized in that you organize and have your magician come and entertain you at your ideal location. Today there are hardly any physical magician shows performed in theatres. Today magician shows integrate a lot of creativity. Magicians have creatively designed their home studios from which they entertain their virtual audience.

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