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    What To Wear and Bring To The First CrossFit Class

    What To Wear and Bring To The First CrossFit Class

    Working out can be as fun and exhilarating as it is effective, especially if you’re trying your hand at a high-intensity training style like CrossFit.

    Known for their innovative and challenging movements, CrossFit classes incorporate many non-traditional workout elements into their sequences. By ditching the stationary bike in favor of things like weighted ropes, giant tires, and floor sleds sessions never feel stale or repetitive. It also means participants constantly having to dig deep into their energy stores to complete the workout to the best of their ability.

    So maybe you’ve already booked your first CrossFit class – now what? It can be intimidating to go to the introductory class of anything, especially if you have no clue what to wear. Relax, focus on the workout ahead, and continue reading for a list of what you definitely need to wear and bring to your first CrossFit class.

    Athletic Clothing

    So you’ve scheduled your first foray into CrossFit. An easy mistake to make would be wearing the garments you’d put on to head to a local yoga or barre class. Instead of reaching for any loose or cotton clothing, you may want to reconsider your workout getup. Since CrossFit is characterized by its intensely mobile and difficult movements, it’s encouraged that class attendees wear snugger athletic gear to prevent clothing from getting in the way of your motion. You’ll want to select a stretchy sports material – like spandex or lycra – and make sure that it’s sweat-wicking. As CrossFit is super high intensity, you’ll need to be prepared to sweat a lot!

    Proper Shoes

    What you wear on your feet for any exercise will affect how well you’re able to complete the activities, and if the correct muscles are being activated. A common misconception when choosing what to wear for a CrossFit class is that any pair of athletic shoes will do. For the uninitiated- running shoes are not the same as training shoes, and they can make an extremely noticeable impact on form, as well as how vulnerable to injury you are.

    The major difference can be seen in the sole and heel of the shoe, as different thicknesses and malleability will be required for different activities. A high-level training option would be Nobull Training Shoes, as this type of shoe has a low enough profile to provide optimal balance while remaining versatile for all ranges of motion. Material and construction should also be considered, as you want a shoe that is as durable as it is springy. There are many options on the market, so as long as you know what to look for, you can take your time and select the brand that works best for your physiology.

    Gloves and Pads

    When most people think of using gloves or pads in their workout, they conjure up images of an ice rink or a football field. While it’s true that contact sports dominate the sports arena, when it comes to using protective equipment, they don’t have a monopoly on impact-cushioning gear. CrossFit necessitates high-impact motions and often finds participants slamming things down, kicking things, climbing with their whole body- all things that can cause some serious irritation or injury without the proper preparation. That’s why things like calf pads, and particularly gloves to prevent any scrapes or chafing when lifting, are strongly recommended for a class. Another pro tip: leave your accessories at home. Gloves can only do so much if you’re lifting with a handful of rings on.


    If you don’t know it by now, hydration is the key to a successful workout! If you are dehydrated, not only will you spend the duration of the class fixated on the minute you can sip a refreshing drink- your body and workout will suffer. When high volumes of sweat are lost from the body, your muscles and even your brain begin to work at a deficit. Without proper replenishment, muscles are stressed and at risk for damage, and you could become extremely light-headed.

    For a workout as intense as Crossfit, being well lubricated is a must to ensure your body has the capacity for the ensuing high speed and heavier weights. Not only that, but your post-workout will be more effective for repairing and building the muscle you worked so hard to enhance.

    Nothing is as nerve-wracking as your first time trying out a skill- except for trying out a skill while being incorrectly dressed. The same way you wouldn’t put on a sweatsuit to perform a stage show, you need to make sure you are adequately equipped for the task at hand. In the case of sports and athleticism, this is especially important, because wearing ill-fitting garments can hinder your ability to perform or feel your best. CrossFit is an exciting and community-based sport, and there truly are no downsides to trying a class.

    Just make sure you’ve covered the basics above and you will have a blast, sweat, learn, and leave feeling awesome.

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