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    7 Reasons To Repair Your Clothes Instead Of Replacing It

    7 Reasons To Repair Your Clothes Instead Of Replacing It

    When it comes to clothes, it seems as if nowadays the quality is just getting worse.

    This is true, thanks to trends coming and going every week now, rather than every season or every other year. So now, clothes are only meant to last after a few wears. It’s completely unsustainable, and this causes the landfills to get bigger, and it just makes you spend more money. But investing in higher quality items and repairing these items rather than throwing them out can be the best option out there.

    This is going to allow you to keep ahold of your clothes for much longer. So, here are some reasons why you may want to do this rather than throw out what’s broken.

    Cost Effective

    This is something this is going to heavily depend on. If you have to buy suits because of your business wardrobe, then you should maybe consider fixing up your clothes rather than buying something that’s completely new. This can save you a lot of money in the end.

    It’s Sustainable

    You don’t want to be what’s contributing to climate change and loss of habitats, right? Plus, you want to be ethical, right? Well, repairing what you have rather than replacing it with something new can be the perfect option then.

    Extending the Life of Your Favorite Clothing

    Vintage clothes have proven to last for decades, and that’s mostly due to the previous owners taking care of them and patching them up so their life can be extended. This is something that you can do as well. Whether you have some minor rips, tears, or even frays, this doesn’t instantly mean that your clothes are now destroyed or useless. Instead, just make those repairs. These don’t even need to take long to repair, either. From a coat, suit, or even a pair of socks, this method will extend life.

    Learning a Valuable Skill

    Everyone should learn how to sew and make alterations to clothing. This can definitely be something that could be worth your while!

    Supporting Local Business

    It doesn’t always need to be a local business, but supporting a small business can also make a massive impact, such as Citizen Watch Repair. Plus, when it comes to repairs, it doesn’t always need to be specifically clothes, either. This can include jewelry repair, watch repair, or even shoes repaired by a cobbler.

    Return On Investment

    Currently, clothes can be expensive while still being cheap in quality. Some major fast fashion brands are pulling this stunt. Within one week of ownership, clothes can just get destroyed. Learning how to repair and extend the life of your clothes can help increase the return on investment.

    It Stays Timeless

    Trends come and go, but they always come back into style. So, why not keep the clothes that you already have? They’ll eventually come back into style anyways. Better yet, what clothes you do have, why not consider dropping trends and instead just create a more timeless wardrobe?

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