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    Amanda Seales to Launch New Clothing Line Illustrious League During Women’s History Month

    Amanda Seales to Launch New Clothing Line Illustrious League During Women’s History Month

    Comedian, actress, and producer Amanda Seales announce the launch of Illustrious League, a new clothing line that caters to Black women.

    For years, Seales dreamed of launching an exclusive brand of her own and aimed to create something unique that would make people feel good. With Illustrious League, she combines comfy loungewear, striking hand-drawn designs, and empowering language. Each limited edition collection has a themed color palette that encapsulates its vibe.

    Posted by Illustrious League on Wednesday, March 10, 2021

    “The inspiration for my line came from the madness of 2020 and folks stuck at home fighting their way through it,” said Seales, who is well known for her role as Tiffany on HBO’s hit show Insecure. “The line combines three main aspects for not only my brand but my wellness: powerful messaging, art, and authenticity.”

    Seales borrowed the name Illustrious League from her show Smart Funny & Black – a game show in which individuals go head-to-head to test their knowledge of Black history, Black culture, and the Black experience. Seales, who produces and hosts the game show, said the name embodies a collective of people who are committed to contributing to Black excellence.

    Illustrious League can of course be worn by anyone but, as with most of her work, Seales created with Black women in mind.

    “In our constant efforts to save the world, [Black women] often forget to take care of ourselves, rest our minds and comfort our spirit,” Seales said. “Through its messaging, image designs, and aesthetics, this line embodies all of that.”

    Seales is a part of each step of the design process – from the color scheme and messaging to the designing and digitizing – and has named her debut collection Save Yourself.

    “I truly believe that not enough of our social teachings encourage us to truly connect with the power we have within,” Seales said. “Save Yourself is about reminding us that we have it within us to save us,” she added.

    Illustrious League comes from women and is rooted in empowering women, so it’s fitting that it launched during Women’s History Month. The line will feature original artwork hand-drawn by Seales, and each limited-edition drop will have a unique message and color palette that makes each a collector’s item.

    “Our messaging is thoughtful and is at the heart of each drop,” Seales said. “It speaks to the human condition and seeks to uplift.”

    Each box will also include an original piece of creative writing by Seales based on the messaging of the drop.

    “Our goal is to establish a brand that combines unique artistry and dynamic messaging for folks to not only collect but also to look to when they want casually fly comfort,” Seales said.

    Illustrious League’s first collection Save Yourself is now available on its website debut drop features a serene blue theme representing the importance of maintaining your inner peace while fighting the power.

    Launched in 2021 by comedian, actress, and producer Amanda Seales, Illustrious League is a clothing line that is geared towards making Black women’s wellness a priority. Illustrious League will feature multiple collections with different designs and uplifting messages. All hand-drawn and designed by Seales, Illustrious League features original artwork and each box includes an original piece of creative writing from Seales based on the messaging of the drop. Illustrious League was started from the ground up with no seed money or investors.

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