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    Fashion And Jewelry Trends To Know In 2021

    Fashion And Jewelry Trends To Know In 2021

    Jewelry is a great way to make a statement.

    Introducing a new piece or wearing an old one in a new way has the potential to completely mix up your existing wardrobe. But only if you keep it fresh. Like all other elements of fashion and design, the aesthetic is always changing. And that’s a good thing because it keeps it fresh and makes room for everyone to be creative.

    Keeping up with the trends can be a little daunting if you’re busy or if you’re just getting started. And the point is to add flare to your outfit, not break your pocketbook. It’s ok to use costumes or fake jewelry for a single season to make the most out of a trend. Learning to use jewelry to highlight or optimize your look doesn’t really take that much work. Have a look at the trends of jewelry trends of 2021 to get started. From there, it’s best if you use a bit of your own creativity to add a final twist through combination or modification.

    Armed with the basic trends of this season, you’ll be able to find suitable pieces in your existing collection or for cheap prices around town.

    Dainty Gemstone Chains

    One of the most classic and enduring jewelry trends is using thin chained necklaces and bracelets adorned with gemstones, such as diamond necklaces for women or any other gems. This holds true to this day, and they are trending yet again in 2021.

    These dainty embellishments are understated and provide a subtle hint of innocence. This is one style that you can rely on to stick around. Such beautiful designs and styles are found online, such as at Haverhill, and gemstone jewelry offers lots of options. The basic idea is to go with a small metal chain sparsely adorned with gemstone settings.

    You can personalize this style using yours and the people that are most important in your life’s birthstones. With so many color options, you can find options that appeal to almost any taste. Consider how the colors will go with both the gold or silver chain and your skin color.

    Heavy Metal

    Big, heavy chunks of metal are what we’re talking about here. A few links of a large chain will do the trick. Not to mention, thick banded necklaces and bracelets. This look provides a powerful and dominant feel that embraces an industrial and almost post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

    That piece or two of heavy metal is quite striking and will draw the eye as it contrasts well against textiles and patterns due to its large 3-dimensional character.

    Hanging Pearls

    Pearls are all the rage this season and they are trending in at least two styles at the moment. Both utilize the intrinsic beauty of pearls dangling on a long string.

    The more extravagant option is to embrace long single strings of pearls as earrings or draping from the shoulders.

    Another trend is pearl earrings suspended from a long cord. This low-hanging earring doesn’t quite touch the shoulder, but it’s long. The movement creates a statement and the suspension of the pearl highlights its splendor.

    These single pearl earrings can be engraved into interesting objects or characters to provide unique options for this trend.

    Stackable Charm Rings

    They’re as fun as they sound. This year, stackable charm rings will be the hit item. These rings come in many styles, but they all stack up and come with any of a large option of charms. You can wear just one or two, or you can go crazy and jangle your way around the house with fully embellished fingers.

    They’re also tradable and sharable. They make great and really cute friend exchanges that provide a real bond with your bestie this summer. Wow. So much fun!

    Shoulder Dusting Crystal

    Broad-faced crystal accessories are popular this year as well. These mostly come in the form of handbags packed with small single color crystals, often with fringe, and shoulder dusting crystal earrings.

    These shoulder dusting earrings are long enough to drape across the shoulder, as the name implies. This alone provides an interesting look that not many people are brave enough to embrace. To add to the aesthetic, the earrings are broad enough to house lots of crystals to draw the eye. As you move, the flexible earrings will glint as the underlying material flexes and moves.

    Some countless options and applications can be utilized. Look around in real life and online to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. Then do your best to express that image. Just weeding through the trends and picking your must-haves creates a style of your own. So don’t be shy, get started and accessorize!

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