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    How Do Beauty Brands Compare Around The World?

    How Do Beauty Brands Compare Around The World?

    The beauty sector is worth a massive amount of money to the global economy, but revenue is not the only way to measure a brand’s impact.

    Every day, consumers are undertaking internet searches for products and guidance. These search volumes are a measure of who are the most successful beauty brands in your country.

    The global picture

    It is intriguing to see which brands dominate in each country but even more insightful to understand the global picture first.

    Maybe it is unsurprising that a French company dominates, as Sephora enjoys a global search volume of 10.2 million. The French are renowned as world leaders in all that is beautiful, with some great names of couture born within its borders. Avon and Chanel come next but with a relatively small search volume of 3.6 million, followed by Dior and Clinique.


    When it comes to Europe, the dominant force is Avon, especially in Eastern Europe. However, the UK has a massive dominance, where Brits searched for Avon a massive 246000 times. In countries such as Belgium and Netherlands, there was a significant leaning towards the luxury brand of Yves Saint Laurent and in Ireland and Austria, Chanel.


    Whizzing to the other side of the globe, we see the first overwhelming domination by Sephora. While Chanel showed some relative popularity in Australia, there is genuinely no competition for the attention of those down under.


    It isn’t easy to get a precise understanding of trends in the African continent, as it is made up of 54 different countries with diverse cultures and history. There is also limited access to the internet in some countries and economic disparities. In the central region of Africa, in countries such as Angola and Zambia, Dior is the leading brand. However, travel further south to Botswana and then South Africa; it is Avon that is leading the way.

    Sephora has a lot of work to do to break into the African continent, only touching Tunisia and Morocco.


    Again, Asia is a massive continent with 34 countries, but a massive 20 of these preferred Chanel. However, the large superpowers in global commerce, Russia (Avon) and China (Dior), did not figure in this list of 20. While it might seem like Chanel dominates then, it is a more mixed picture in the Asian region.

    South America

    Apart from Bolivia, Paraguay and Guyana, the subcontinent of South America is dominated by Avon. When you look at a million-strong search volume in Brazil alone, you can see that Avon does have quite the global reach.

    North America

    Finally, there is the consumer powerhouse of the US that accounts for a third of all Sephora searches in the globe. 3.4 million searches were done in the US alone for the French brand. In Canada, another commercially rich country, Sephora dominates again. While Avon, Dior and Chanel make some impact in North America, this subcontinent belongs to Sephora. This suggests that Avon might have more reach globally, but Sephora hits the critical markets for beauty in the world.

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    How Do Beauty Brands…

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