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    How To Shave Your Beard Correctly

    How To Shave Your Beard Correctly

    Shaving your beard is a process that can produce a smooth, clean-cut that enhances your facial features when done accurately and safely.

    There are steps that you need to follow to make sure that you avoid harming yourself when shaving.

    Cuts, bumps, face rash, and swelling can be a result of failing to safely shave your beard.

    We have compiled a list showing how you can safely shave your beard:

    1. Wet Your Beard 

    To begin with, you must wet your beard. Razor burn can result from trying to shave off the hair that is dry and also leads to a forceful shave. Shaving your beard after a shower is encouraged because of the moisture that is already soaked in by your facial hair. Once your beard is wet, you can continue to prepare your shaving kit. 

    2. Comb Your Beard

    Once your beard is moist, you should comb your beard to the direction of your chest. The process of carefully combing your beard means you untangle hair and remove any particles that may have lodged in the beard. 

    3. Trim Your Hairs 

    Before reaching for one of your best safety razor blades, you need to first use a pair of scissors. Make sure that you trim the hairs that you can by stretching the hair that you would have combed. You need to make sure that you are not cutting too close to your face to avoid cutting yourself. Trim in such a way that the hairs become as even as possible.

    4. Use Quality Razor Blades 

    For a successful shave, you need to invest in quality shaving razor blades. The quality of razor blades depends on the type of beard hair. For some, sharp razor blades are what work for tough beard hair while smoother blades are best for smoother hair types. You can try out different recommended and reviewed blades to discover the one that works best for your hair type. 

    5. Apply Shaving Cream 

    Your skin is delicate and needs protection from any object that may rub against it. Applying shaving cream means there will be less friction between your skin and the equipment you use to shave. The cream further contributes to moisturizing your beard which is the required state throughout the shaving period. 

    6. Lubricate the Blade 

    You want to make sure that the blade is ready to use on your soft skin. Placing a blade in hot water is a way to facilitate lubrication. Hot water also kills off any bacteria and rids any cream and hair stains from previous shaves. 

    7. Shave Your Beard

    Once you are confident that the blade is in good shape and your beard is prepared, you can begin to gently shave your beard. If you are a beginner, it is advised that you shave in the direction that your beard grows. This can eliminate the risk of cutting yourself. As you get confident, you can begin to shave in either direction. 

    Make sure that you don’t press the razor too close to your face in an attempt to achieve a clear cut. Quality razors will shave off the hair without having to apply any pressure. 

    8. Re-Shave 

    After your first round of shaving, you may notice that there are hairs that remain unshaven. You can re-apply cream and gently go over the areas that need further shaving. Avoid shaving the areas that have already been shaved efficiently to reduce irritating your skin. 

    9. Rinse and Moisturise 

    Rinsing off with warm water can encourage softening your skin. Pat your face with a dry, clean towel and apply aftershave or lotion. Natural products such as coconut oil or aloe vera can help rejuvenate your skin and facilitate the repair of any damaged areas. 

    10. Store Blades Correctly

    Once you are done with the shaving process, don’t leave your blades lying around on your workstation. Make sure to clean the hairs and cream residue on your blade to prepare for the next shave. Dry the blade and place it in a dry container specifically allocated for it. Placing the blade in moist areas, such as the sink without placing it in a container, causes rust which is not recommended to use on your skin for health reasons. 

    11. Shave Less 

    Aiming for the clean-cut might mean shaving regularly, even daily. However, shaving daily risks issues of ingrown hairs, scarring, and skin reactions. Consider shaving your beard only when the hairs are visible. Your skin will communicate and let you know if you are overdoing it by the way that you feel. For example, if your face is swollen, painful, or itchy, you may be overdoing it. Check out this list of the best Gillette razors to help reduce the risk of skin issues.

    12. Monitor After the Shave 

    Monitoring your skin after the shave is important to analyze whether your skin is responding positively. If your skin is not in the best condition, you will have to re-visit your shaving process. This means checking whether you are using the correct blades, reacting to an aftershave, or checking if the blades are stored correctly and not compromised. If you see your skin condition continuing to deteriorate, you must consult your doctor or a dermatologist as this may be an indicator of other health issues. 

    13. Treat Your Beard 

    You can visit a spa to get beard treatment to nurture your beard hair and skin. The products that are used combined with professional expertise may contribute to your general beard and facial health and appearance


    The process of shaving your beard should be carefully followed to achieve the best possible shaving outcome. You must begin by wetting your beard and continue to comb it for a trim. Once you trim the beard hair, you must use quality blades to shave and re-shave. 

    Once you have completed the shave, you must moisturize your skin using natural products and apply after-shave. Store your blades correctly and avoid shaving daily. Monitor responses to the shave to see if there are any skin issues such as swelling, lumps, rash, and redness. If such conditions persist, you must seek medical guidance. Also, consider scheduling in a spa treatment of your beard to facilitate general skin health and wellness.

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