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    Tips For Growing Thicker Facial Hair

    Tips For Growing Thicker Facial Hair

    When it comes to sporting facial hair, thick and lush is generally what the wearer aims to achieve; however, it is not always so simple and easy for everyone.

    Some people really struggle to grow facial hair and end up with a patchy, thin, and unhealthy-looking final result. This often to the point that they stop growing facial hair altogether and keep a clean shaved look, even if this is not their preference.

    While the ability to grow facial hair is often heavily influenced by genetics, there are still several changes you can make to your lifestyle to help boost facial hair growth. Therefore, if this frustration sounds familiar to you and your facial hair journey, and you would like to learn how to easily grow a thicker, fuller face of facial hair, then this discussion is for you.

    Get Yourself A Beard Kit

    Did you know that there are such things as beard kits that you can buy and help to stimulate healthy facial hair growth? These kits also assist with maintenance and ensuring a healthy, full amount of hair. For instance, the folks at The King Beard offer a combination of an activator serum, roller, sanitizing antiseptic spray, and a comb inside their box. All of which they guarantee assists with the growth of up to 52% more facial hair density. You can add this routine of beard care and maintenance to your daily self-care regime and watch the growth results.

    Healthy Skin Means Healthy Hair

    Keeping up a healthy skincare routine is essential for encouraging healthy beard hair growth. If you clean and wash your face regularly, you will help to stimulate circulation in your facial tissue, which in turn stimulates hair growth. Having dry, tough skin also prevents the hair follicles from breaking through the surface easily so you want to be liberal and regular with applying a good quality, chemical-free daily moisturizer. The same goes for exfoliation. If you do not remove the dead skin cells every so often, there will be a build-up and allow for the development of ingrown hairs which are enemies of a thick and luscious face of hair. Beard butter will help manage dead skin cells as well.

    Diet And Supplements

    A good diet containing plenty of proteins, amino acids, omegas, and fiber, as well as taking supplements in the form of collagen are other good ways of increasing your hair growth and thickness. Collagen is a protein that makes up a large amount of connective tissue which is found in hair follicles. It makes sense why collagen has so many benefits for men. Collagen can be found in our diet, particularly if you eat animal bones such as in the form of a bone broth. These healthy eating habits will do more than just improve your facial hair health but will have added benefits for your overall health and functioning.

    When it comes to growing thick facial hair, not everyone succeeds at first. Many people struggle and end up succumbing to the thinking that facial hair is not in their capacity for growth. However, what many people may not know is that there are several ways that one can try to boost facial hair growth and thickness. Hopefully the above has given you some food for thought, and hair growth!

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