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    Amava Fights Isolation This Holiday Season With The Gift Of Connection

    Amava Fights Isolation This Holiday Season With The Gift Of Connection

    Amava launches “The Gift of Connection” to promote meaningful interactions among baby boomers and their friends and family this holiday season.

    With over 185,000 household members in all 50 states, Amava helps combat isolation, loneliness and disengagement during the COVID-affected holidays.

    Amava, the first-of-its-kind platform connecting a new generation of empty nesters and active retirees with opportunities to remain mentally active and socially connected, announces the launch of Amava Gifting, allowing everyone to now give The Gift of Connection to friends and loved ones.

    With COVID-19 cases once again spiking across the country, millions of Americans face a heightened sense of isolation and social disconnect, with many people opting out of traditional family gatherings and reducing holiday travel.

    Amava Circles offer peer-to-peer virtual experiences designed to foster connection, sharing, learning, and entertainment among Baby Boomers, a growing population that has been disproportionately affected by recent social distancing. Each session, professionally curated and guided by experts, promotes active engagement, allowing people to stay connected and remain healthy throughout the next phase of their lives. Circles feature dozens of themed discussions and learning groups, including Designing Your Next: Plan Your Best Life (an 8-week workshop to plan a connected, purposeful future), Game Night: Trivia or Charades, Self-Care: Sip & Stretch, and Pet Lovers: Dog Talk or Cat Chat.

    So, instead of giving the same old Starbuck’s or Amazon gift card, or struggling to find the latest new gadget, give the gift of connection, a chance to meet people, laugh, and learn in an Amava Circle.

    “Amava was born out of a desire to create a stronger sense of community for our generation of Americans, allowing them to rediscover their purpose and experience fulfillment during every stage of their lives,” says Mark Silverman, CEO of Amava. “We launched Amava Gifting to allow people who enjoy Circles to share this experience with their loved ones during what will likely be the most difficult holiday season that many of us have ever seen. With the 21st century nuclear family becoming more dispersed and oftentimes separated by great distances, Amava provides loved ones with opportunities to forge genuine connections and enjoy meaningful engagement, which is especially important at this time of year.”

    Amava Gifting is available at, and digital gift cards can be sent out to recipients instantly.

    Beyond the upcoming holidays, Amava Circles are a perfect gift for any special occasion such as birthdays or Mother’s/Father’s Days and a thoughtful present for those who are far away.

    About Amava

    Amava is the first platform designed specifically to help a new generation of retirees and empty nesters to stay active and connected throughout their lives, which are proven keys to health and longevity.

    In addition to the Amava Virtual Volunteers program, Amava also recently launched Circles: vibrant, guided discussions with others around topics of shared interest.

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