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    How To Create A Great Virtual Graduation Party For Your Grad-Of-Honor

    How To Create A Great Virtual Graduation Party For Your Grad-Of-Honor

    Graduation season is going to be a little “different” this year.

    Jane Birdwell, creator of Tablevogue Fitted Table Covers, shares tips for hosting a festive online party for your 2020 graduate.

    Many high school and college seniors will be getting their diplomas in the mail. Commencement ceremonies are on hold. And very few will be traveling to attend post-grad parties. While graduating during a pandemic is no one’s first choice, entertaining expert Jane Birdwell says you can still plan a really special celebration.

     “As a mom of a graduating senior, I get the disappointment that so many families may be feeling right now. But just because you can’t get together in person doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your child’s years of hard work and give your family a chance to join in the celebration. You can still have a fabulous virtual celebration for your Grad-of-Honor while practicing safe social distancing.”

    Says, Jane Birdwell… “We’ve entered the age of virtual celebrations, and it’s time to embrace that,” she adds. “True, your child’s graduation party might look a little different from what you had imagined, but a relaxing good time is exactly what everyone needs right now. I started Tablevogue so anyone can throw a festive party that makes a big impact without a lot of stress, effort, and expense.”

    Read on for a few tips to pull off a fun and fuss-free virtual graduation party.

    Send out an interactive virtual invite. Find fun ways to use color, theme, signage, and accessories to make the party invitations unique and eye-catching. The interactive element for the guests makes them feel involved and engaged.

    Map out a virtual viewing space. Thoughtfully select an area of your home that will delight your viewers. It could be a pretty corner of your backyard or a bright and cheery portion of your living room or dining room. The area should be no more than 10 feet by 10 feet so guests can clearly see the décor and the people on camera. And don’t forget to designate a special space for the Grad-of-Honor.

    Investing in quality tablecloths will enhance your dining experience and add a touch of elegance to your home. If you’ve ever been to a Michelin star restaurant or even just your local fine dining restaurant, you will notice that there are always tablecloths on the table. Tablecloths are available in a variety of styles and colors. These include vinyl, cotton, polyester, and linen. So, if you looking to add more luxury to your dining room you can make a table setting extra special with these tablecloths. For more formal events, a solid-color fabric tablecloth is best. However, a table runner can add interesting detail to your table too.

    Keep the “wow” factors simple. You can make a big, dramatic impact with simple touches. Start with these three:

    • A fun dress code. Ask the guests who will be joining your video conference to wear the colors or logo gear from the college your child will be attending in the fall. If your graduate will be entering the workforce or a trade school, ask everyone to dress in accordance with your party theme, like Hawaiian shirts, famous book characters, etc.
    • Impactful décor. Visit Tablevogue to find a fitted table cover in a matching color or print to create an instant “wow” factor and central point of focus for the Grad-of-Honor. Further enliven the space with a creative backdrop using printed goods, wrapping paper, colorful linens, or balloons to create visual harmony and depth.

    • Great gifts. Request that guests send gifts in advance so the Grad-of-Honor can open them and celebrate in real-time. “We asked our family and friends to write quick notes of advice including a contribution to Venmo or a similar account,” says Birdwell. “Gift cards or cash are also welcomed by most graduates. And if you like the thought of a physical gift, think anything monogrammed, including apparel and accessories with logos for the college-bound. Giving your Grad-of-Honor and guests an interactive role in the party will make the lack of physical connection virtually disappear.”

    “The pandemic shouldn’t overshadow everything your graduate has accomplished and the new chapter they are beginning”

    …concludes Birdwell. “Celebrate their victory and invite everyone in their lives to join in the fun. There’s no better way to show them that they are loved and supported by many.”

    About Jane Birdwell:

    Jane Birdwell is the founder of Tablevogue, a new category of table linens known as “fitted table covers” designed for standard-size folding tables. A special events planner, she had found herself disheartened by the available selection of ill-fitting, hard-to-use, lackluster tablecloths. (Often, these tablecloths marred an otherwise-perfect event.) This inspired her to create an affordable, stylish way to dress up functional folding tables with a variety of solid and printed high-performance, custom-like covers. The patented design is a breakthrough method for quickly transforming tables for personal and professional use.

    Besides running Tablevogue and planning a variety of events, Jane helps other entrepreneurs bring their dreams to fruition. She shares her “start-up” journey with other potential founders in order to encourage their chances of success through executive mentoring and the Center for Entrepreneurship lectures and activities.

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