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    Monument Launches ‘Delish AF’ Cocktail Book

    Monument Launches ‘Delish AF’ Cocktail Book

    Online treatment platform releases 11 delectable alcohol-free cocktails presented by top-tier beverage brands.

    Innovative new online treatment company Monument will release their ‘Delish AF’ – Delicious Alcohol-Free – digital book of cocktail recipes this September.

    The delightfully delicious book of non-alcoholic drinks sees a collaboration with 11 prestigious non-alcoholic beverage brands to launch a cadre of recipes, which will also feature stunning illustrations by several inspiring womxn illustrators. Monument is an affordable, accessible, and research-based online platform and community whose mission is to empower people to get more out of life by drinking less. Co-founded by seasoned entrepreneur Mike Russell, Monument’s vision is a world where a healthy relationship with alcohol is attainable and celebrated by all.

    Monument is partnering with 11 leading beverage brands to launch their new alcohol-free cocktail recipe book. Partners include: BrightFox, CLEAN Cause, Curious Elixirs, DRY Soda, Ghia, Grüvi, Kin Euphorics, Lyre’s, Monday, Rock Grace, and Three Spirit. ‘Delish AF’ contains step by step directions, ingredients, and serving recommendations to create the brands’ most popular and beloved non-alcoholic cocktails, including scintillating Watermelon Mojitos, Sparkling Margaritas, the ‘OG’ Gin & Tonic and an unforgettable Negroni.

    “We are super excited that Monument has launched their Delish AF drink book, it is amazing to see all the delicious zero-proof cocktail recipes coming up! As we are clearly seeing a shift in society as many are searching for new, interesting, and tasty alcohol-free options. There needs to be more resources and access to recipes,” says Anika Sawni, co-founder of Grüvi. “Delish AF is a great opportunity to share the innovation within the space and inspire people to get creative with 0% drinks, we are super excited to feature one of our fave Grüvi Cocktails.”

    “BrightFox is thrilled to be a part of the Delish AF initiative. Today we are seeing more and more of our consumers joining the sober curious community,” says BrightFox. “Just because one does not partake in alcohol does not mean it should limit them from partaking in the celebration. BrightFox is in full support!” 

    The new campaign by Monument highlights the creativity and joy in making delicious cocktails without alcohol, which can be enjoyed by all during any occasion throughout the year. Both inspirational and educational, the cocktail recipe book will provide exquisite alternatives to traditional classics and serve favorites in a new, unique and exciting way. The beverage brands partnering with Monument are champions in the non-alcoholic category, with many using natural ingredients, organic herbs and florals, and sustainable packaging. Several provide beauty and wellness benefits as well.

    “We are thrilled to launch Delish AF with an incredible group of pioneering brands. When I stopped drinking, ordering speciality alcohol-free drinks was a huge part of how I became comfortable in social situations that traditionally centered around booze,” said Mike Russell, founder and CEO of Monument. “We are excited to share these brands and recipes with Monument’s members, and far beyond, to inspire moments of celebration, connection, and clarity, which is integral to our brand mission and community values.”

    Since launching in May, Monument has already connected 7,000+ members to holistic support and resources to change their drinking. Monument community members get free access to an anonymous forum, therapist-moderated support groups, and a collection of expert resources. Monument has also connected nearly 1,000 members to licensed physicians and specialized therapists who develop evidence-based personalized treatment plans unique to members’ needs and goals. Monument is on a mission to empower its community to get more out of life by drinking less, and creating alcohol-free celebratory rituals is a meaningful part of that journey.

    To download ‘Delish AF’ visit the landing page here, and learn more about Monument here. To follow Monument online, visit @JoinMonument on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

    About Monument

    Launched in 2020, Monument is an online platform for those looking to change their relationship with alcohol. Monument connects members to a free anonymous community, therapist-moderated groups, and a collection of resources to provide the support and information they deserve. Members seeking medical treatment are introduced to a licensed physician and a specialized therapist to develop a personalized treatment plan specific to their goals. Monument is affordable, accessible, and research-based, so a healthy relationship with alcohol is attainable and celebrated by all. Monument is a privately held company based in New York.

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